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Guild PVP


I would like to suggest a new option. A button that would allow me to fight PVP matches vs. members in my guild who are available.

I think this option would not be for trophy points or for rewards (such as brawl chest credits or arena chests). So that it could not be exploited.

This would be a FUN way to test my progress, practice for rallies or raids, test new strategy to talk about in guild chat, and just to generally Have A Great Time!!

Can I get some community support for this idea…?


That sounds cool

Has Ludia ever made a community suggestion part of the game before?

That’s called a “duel” in game parlance, where a player can challenge another. I think it’s a great idea!


I love the idea of having a sandbox for guilds to PvP practice in. I agree that there should be no benefit aside from the practice (trophies, chests). It would also be cool to be able to communicate in battle with guild members and remove timed turn restrictions

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Would be a great opportunity for members to test a setup they normally wouldn’t.

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This is such a great idea that may revive the flagging Interest in this game that I stopped lurking just to say this!

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Thank you! So much!

for offering your support


Thanks @jackrrabbit for putting this up in Forums!

This should be made part of the game right away! Guild PvP! Would definitely help new players stay interested and active. Will also make active guilds more valuable to players and increase activity in some guilds.

And also the ability to revisit area of explore! My new Joppa is 4 levels below my other toons. Which is quite a gulf at my stage of progression.

Lastly, why not adjust the spell books caps. Unlimited was too powerful, Ludia says, but their current caps are too weak, too, except for the 3 day ones. Those should really be extended to 5 days, as most people can’t grind 3 days straight (need to sleep, work, take care of the family, etc.).

Because, let’s face it, the game is weak in content and very grindy so why not at least let us grind how we want?

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My guild has talked about this as well @jackrrabbit

A “sparring” arena for guildies would be most welcome. As a player who strongly prefers PvP this would create more opportunities to match up with real players and not bots. Make it for fun and no rewards.

This would also help the players out there that complain of losing all the time. Those players would have an opportunity to improve their skills against guildies who are more experienced in PvP.

Guild Sparring is a great idea :+1:. I really hope Ludia considers implementing a feature like this on the game.

It would be amazing if I could click on any person in my guild and immediately challenge them to a battle, maybe even choose my own squad right before it begins! Or if I could rematch people that I’ve lost to online, that would be very interesting. These are some of my ideas! I’d like to hear others’ !