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Guild Raid help

Hey everyone,
How’s everyone’s levels compared to the boss in this raid?
All my heroes are level 11 except Tommy at level 10 and first room starts at level 15 raid boss, by the 8-9th room he one shot kills any of my heroes.
Any suggestions?

It seems like it was easier Day 1. Iirc the 1st boss room he was only lvl 14 and wasn’t level 18 until room 8 and was able to beat it once at room 8. And was Consistently beating rooms 6 and 7. And now Boss starting at lvl 15 room 1 and seeing level 18 at room 6 and getting basically one shot. Not sure if the difficulty got increased During Maintenance??? Or If it gets harder the more our Guild progresses or by my individual progress?? But it’s definitely gotten Harder than day 1. Anyone else notice a difference???

Yes, its harder. I guess a few top guilds ground out the prizes in the first day, so they made it harder. My guild mates are not impressed. I have low participation as it is.

They should lower the difficulty based on hero levels