Guild rally event

On my first rally run, is there a point in going on forever? Right now doing room 16, all the rooms just seem to repeat endlessly with level 16-17 foes. When should I quit? Is there a point where the rewards top?

My game claimed a loss of network and timed out on level 2, and went it re-synched, it booted me out and I lost the tokens I’d spent to enter.

Looks like it maxes out at 75 rooms cleared. Appears to give 50 xp per character alive when the room clears which is nice. 3 tokens per run and the run keeps going as long as you have one hero alive but no Mirt revives just buy back in with tokens.

This is seriously the most boring and repetitive thing this game has come up with yet.


Im in room 76!!! When does this torture end? Poorly thought and designed, boring and time consuming! Seriously?? 2 full hours and its not over yet? FIX IT

I quit because I was so bored.

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Hi guys, At the first event, the last challenge came out, that is the most difficult, can I know if the challenges are random or does the most difficult unlocked by guild members always come out?

Sorry @Flazzy didnt see you had already posted on Rally (boooooring) event.

OMG I’m bored to death