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Guild Rally suggestion

Does every single Guild Rally have to be at Lightfinger Estate with Lightfinger enemies? It gets super monotonous beating up on the same enemies for every Rally. Is there any chance to switch it up, and have some Rallies be at Harvestshield, or Heartcoil, with enemies from those locations scaled to your party?

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I’m certainly not going to argue that rallies aren’t monotonous, but they do have different sets of monsters they cycle through. Some weeks we get devils, some weeks we get orcs and giants, some weeks we get mindflayers and cranium rats, etc.

I see your point, but it would be great to fight something different than just Lightfinger enemies in Rallies. There are only a handful of options that are cycled through. The Raids switch up location, depending on which boss you face. Would be nice if Rallies cycled through location as well.

I may be recalling incorrectly, but it seems like at one point the rallies were in sync with raid. Meaning you were fighting monsters from the same instance as the upcoming raid boss. I know some of the rally monsters didn’t scale well (you learned to avoid certain rooms). My guess would be instead of addressing the scaling issues, Ludia chose to use monsters where skills are already tweaked for high level.

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