Any thoughts of the game adding a team or guild syatem?? :thinking:


I’d like to build me a steampunk dinosaur…


I want my dinos to shoot laser from their eyes


And I don’t want a drone, I want an airship that can deploy pteranodon, and drop scents instead of bombs!


I want my dinosaurs to be able to transform into something like Voltron but with dinosaurs.


Yes! that would make an awesome addition


We goin from the prehistoric age to the 21st century quite fast eh :smirk:


No, we’re going to the 22nd century, and hell, we may not even stop there.


Local/online team would be wonderful.

I played FFXV for the free offer, even tho the game is a pretty boring clicker game, the social aspect(guild system, auto-translate) is pretty enjoyable.


I want an auto dart targeting system…


Yup it would be a great addition :blush: