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Guildmaster AWOL, What can we do?

Hello. I’m in the English Knights guild and we have a problem that I’m sure others can sympathize with. Not only are 31 of our guildmembers non participants, but now our Guildmaster is AWOL. Does anyone from Ludia have a suggestion?

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How long have they been AWOL?

Hey, real sorry to hear @wise1_forsure. It’s a real bummer when a guild leader goes inactive. We were lucky enough in Raiders of Ravenloft that the original leader was cool enough to hand the reins over to me before he split for good last year. I wasn’t looking to be leader at the time (bit of a surprise actually:) as I’ve been guild leader in the top guild before in games and knew it took a fair bit of work to grow and sustain a strong guild. It took a lot of effort on my part to grow us to where we are now, but it’s been very enjoyable.

Most players in your situation leave to find a better guild. For those who’s leader is fading, I’d suggest having some open and frank discussions with your current leader about being kind enough to promote someone in their place if they want to leave and to figure out who would be best. I know for myself, if I ever get to that point, I’d do some succession planning. I’m nowhere near fading now, but it’s only fair to the other guild members who still enjoy the game to not ghost them.

PS I gave it a shot PMing Jammer. Hopefully he has forum profile set to cc him an email and he’ll see the message. Not a high chance, but worth a shot. Good luck Wise.

Hi PrestonSJ, the guildmaster has been gone since before the last update or possibly even 2. The main reason I am bringing this up is I just read where several of my guildmembers in guild-chat, were discussing how many members we have lost. Even talking about starting a new guild. I looked for a while before I found and was accepted by this guild and am not looking forward to it falling apart and having to start looking again. I worry that some absentee folks might be in a bad situation given the Covid 19 situation and don’t want things to fall apart when this might be temporary.

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Thank you CPXZ!

We are a top performing guild. Well 2 guilds. Why don’t you come check us out. We have the room to accept you all

If you’d like to come check our server out to try before you buy… well if you DIDN’T I’d be a little worried… you’re more than welcome to. Both guilds have requests filled within minutes and we’re a very active community. Misfits has our more hardcore players but Offspring is very active and we have the space. I hate to see players left out in the cold