Guilds! Major Social aspect


Hey there explorer

I would like to suggest a Guild Idea. This will be a BIG Social feature. Apart from chatting there should be a Guild Market where members can trade Dinasaur pieces for Bucks, Coins, Darts and even other Dinasaur pieces.

Some Guild details

Max capacity: 30 Members
Trophy Requirments: from 0-2500
Type: Open (anyone can join), Secret (need to be accepted by Director, co-Director and Researcher) Closed (nobody can join)

There should be Guild description as well.

Guild Roles

Guild Director— Can edit Guild settings, Kick accept and promote members. Can also give a random item to members up to 3 times every 24h per member.

Co-Director— Can do everything a Lab Director do except demoting a Lab Director

Researcher—Can accept reject incoming join requests as well as promote and demote Explorers.

Explorer—Has no power and control of the leadership. It can trade like any other guild member.

I am open to any suggestions

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Guilds in general would be a great addition. Just need loads of regulation - not for those who play fair but for those who abuse.

Trading needs a timeout and one DNA trade only, perhaps even a DNA cap. This won’t allow spoofers to utilise multiple devices and trade them all to one. Trading should be there to obtain missing pieces; not just to create one massive account - but don’t get me wrong im all in favor!

Secondly guild rewards, which are similar like arena incubator rewards but offer a different objective. Together with the entire guild you need to catch X DNA of certain dinosaurs; fight (and win) X amount of arena battles (against other guilds? This is suggestion 3),… You get the idea. Different objectives spice up the game in a different way. Afterwards the entire guild receives a rare incubator or maybe even a guild incubator, for example.

Third suggestion; same as the battle arena guilds have ranks and they have to fight other guilds. Instead of a 1v1 its a 3v3 for example. The guild that wins obtains points, guild that loses points, simple.

Last but not least; season rewards. At the end of a season guilds receive different kind of rewards: top PvP guild rewards and / or objective rewards (catch X DNA quests). This maked replayability a huge factor; definitely needs a SEASON.

And if this all is in-game maybe one day JWA will have a world championship where the best guilds compete against each other… Wow imagine that lol that would be insane!!


+1 vote for guilds…