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Guys, do you have strategies for tryox against mortem? 2.1.18 🤔


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The tryos strategy works wonders with this. @TheProC can tell you about it

You need more health. 4178 or more to be exact


Well, for the record I personally have come up with a strategy with my Alliance and two separate friends have gone in with us and we came up with a strategy that definitely works, but it is ever-shifting.

It should be above 4,178 but at the same time I have literally done this with only 3,800 health and took a huge Primal Tail Whip and lived. So there’s that. Anyway my strategy is here:

That’s just crits insurance, 3350 would work

I’m the erlidom guy remember, not the tryo guy lol.

You pointed out the tryos strat earlier and I can’t link things

My Tryostronix is level 26, but boosted to tier 2 on health (4200) and attack (I did it to balance out with the health). She’s the equivalent of a level 27 non boosted Tryostronix.

I have followed this strategy:

  1. Ready to Crush
  2. Fierce Rampage
  3. Defense Shattering Strike
  4. Fierce Rampage
  5. Ready to Crush
  6. Fierce Rampage
  7. Defense Shattering Strike

One thing I have found that is really important to remember going from step 4-5, make sure Tryostronix’s Ready to Crush lines up with Tuoramoloch’s Group Acceleration (in rounds 1+2 to help take out the minions).

Make sure you coordinate with your team on what strategy you would like to use. I wasn’t aware of the strategy posted above with Tryostronix healing on turn 6. I never healed on mine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one strategy is better than the other. Just find one that works best for you and your team.

Good luck and Tryostronix is a beast. I hope she serves you well. Mine did. :grinning::muscle:

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This is the good one.