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Guys i need help please

Hi everyone!

I have not been able to play the game for 5 months, I have created a post some time ago and I have sent 3 emails, in different months asking support for help, they have never responded I ask you please, my game account is linked to my facebook, and when I try to log in it says it is not possible to connect I have done everything you can imagine, I deleted and reinstalled the game, I looked at the settings of my phone, in the settings of facebook in the applications part, I have waited months and I still cannot play I ask the administrators, support people or who can help me to reconnect :sob::pray:

thanks and best wishes

Maybe log into guest, then log into Facebook from in gam settings. All accounts start as guest and ur oginial account. Whenever there is an iOS update, the screen on the first picture shows up, but I usually log in to guest even tho it’s also connected to Game Center. This wouldn’t work if you have two accounts. I don’t really know what to do tho if that doesn’t work

Same problem, guest works, but my game center (VIP account) will no longer work, contacted support, no reply…FURIOUS

Hey Maream, I’ve sent you a private message here on the forums.

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@Paul_Leonard, I’m sorry to hear that our team has not gotten back to you yet. As tickets/messages are responded to in the order that they come in, it could take a few business days for our team to reply, depending on their ticket volume. However, please rest assured that our team will try and get back to you and assist you as soon as they can.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your current ticket until our team responds as that could reset your position in our team’s queue.


I tried even starting from 0 as a guess account and waiting for the whole introduction to how to play … then switching to my Facebook account but the game say the same AD, “is not possible to connect to the server blablab”:confused:

i dont know what do then, ive never had this happen before really