Guys, it’s time to buff Stegod

Stegod is in desperate need of a buff now a days. He is not as strong as the leader of the pack for tanks should be. Pretty much all good dinos are at least representably strong against it and some just destroy it. First we have the hard counters like Tryko, Tryos, Allosino and other armor piercers and defense shatterers. These dinos not only kill Stegod but can do so many levels lower at times especially since Stegod is a dino that doesn’t cheat by betting on a crit like other dinos. Then there are nullifiers. Some of those cheating dinos can dodge their way to victory or at least do major damage. Indo is now everywhere and it carries DSR as well as evasive and a 20% crit. Then there are the bleeders many of which can do huge damage without being a decent level. Even lowly Monostego can win sometimes. Much lower rarity dinos like sorry Gorgo can win if played well…rarely. Things like Utarinex can subvert SS by using IC on turn 2. There are even more hot messes of dinos that can compete with this thing too like Anklocodon. A common Allosaurus?!? No good player should lose to Stegod unless they want to. Please buff this dino Ludia!


1.5 makes Stegod a global spawn I believe.

Hold on reinforcements are coming.

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The next “boss” strike event should be a level 30 Stegod. Then no one will be able to beat it. Even the “good teams”. Our even better, 2 level 30 Stegods.

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i dont know guys… i really think it needs a nerf… it can counter anything that is not immune very easily… everyone and their mother has an over leveled one then the rest of their team sucks… i truly hate when it crits me… even the shield crits me at times… i try to join the club and overlevel mine but then low level ones still beat mine… its cool though… my one stegod can beat two of their worthless dinos easily and they know it… #nerfplease


I beat a level 30 Stegod almost every day with nothing over 25. If you cannot beat a level 30 Stegod you are not trying very hard imo.


Maybe it could get a nerf when it gets a hybrid like others. I’m thinking maybe Stegodistis would be nice. Let its shield be LI and switch Trago for cleansing impact.

Haha Stegod with long invincibility. Now that would be entertaining.


Agreed. It would at least make it above average

I second the motion… :+1:

its the blissey of jwa man… has to go down lol. give it more hp but get rid of the 33% slowdown from ss

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If SS is without a slowing move, then, Utarinex and Diloranocheirus are gonna have a fun time “Hit and Run” party…

idk what time it is where you are at. its 8:26 am here. to early to stur the pot lol but im awake now.


Good morning. Same time here. And I firmly believe it’s never too early…


Stegodeus is already good enough. No, it shouldn’t be buffed neither nerfed. It’s stable. It is almost the perfect crearure. The only counter i have for this OP dino is the trystronix and the suchotator. If you want to use suchotator, you first use nullifying impact, then once you are slowed with superiority strike ( because thwy think you wounded them) you then get hit whith anything else and you use lethal wound to take arround 1,300 health off. You should have the suchotator at at least lvl 18. You’re welcome

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Ahhh heck I left Suchotator off the my OP above. It would have been worth bringing up that unlike so many other good Legendaries even a rare like Suchotator can counter it. That is for pointing that out

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oh… and how much health do you have left after a ss and apr from the stegod?

Stegod with long invincibilty AND eavsive move.


Might as well give it nullify as well.

Wouldn’t hurt

Lvl 30 tegod is ez. Bring all tank eater. And it done. Hahah