Guys, it’s time to buff Stegod

Bring on the bleeder meta! Tanks are fun, but it’s not necessarily that Stegod is OP. It is at higher levels, but it’s one of the first Legendaries anyone can get easily. So many people have it, and are taking advantage of it, because of the current meta.

It’s annoying to run across them now, because it seems 3 out of 5 people use it in the arena battles. If you level it high enough, the overpoweredness really hits home. But if there are dinos to counter it, then you have a shot at killing it quickly. My favorite trick is to use an immune dino like anky or posti to hack away at it, and slow it down to get an extra hit in. Once the Stegod reaches less than half its HP, its owner will usually swap out.

OP? Yes, and no. Overbalanced in terms of speed advantages and shields/armor? Maybe.

My Epic Rex can two-shot an average stegod on a good day, without taking too much damage.

Does Stegod need a buff? Probably not. If anything, it needs rebalancing in terms of cooldowns. If ss were swapped out with a cleansing move that had a 3 turn cooldown, it might be easier to face this battlewagon in the arena.

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Anyone that says stegod needs a nerf, doesnt know this game very well imo. It’s high accessibility is the only reason why there is even a tank at the higher tiers. Without ss stegod would lose to much more than it needs to and as a tank it shouldn’t lose to much besides shield breakers. At equal levels stegod still loses or takes a lot of damage from just about everything in the upper tiers. If anything it needs a slight buff

Yeah completly agree, noobodeus needs more dps output to be competitive.

Wow, cant believe I got through that with a straight face. Pretty much everyone is sick to death of stegod by now.

Lol needs a buff why not buff the completely useless raptors? stegod still has a niche. It’s days of doing everything haven’t even ended yet and you want a buff, what planet you on?? overpowered stegods are making arena stale and repetitive!!! It takes 0 skill to win with stegodues compare that to the mind games and crucial timing of every other creature!

Where does the Noobodeus name come from? Noobs that don’t have one of the many, many counters?

I wasn’t suggesting a nerf, or a buff. A rebalancing of its abilities is what I was on about.

It needs to still be capable of holding its own, while at the same time it needs to be not so much an “instant death machine”. If people have dinos that are basically bio-weapons with heavy armor and teeth, overpowered to the point where strategy usage is almost nil, that creates a problem.

The way most see it, Stegod is basically the “fire-and-forget” antipersonnel rocket battery of the game. You hit a button… ANY button, and Stegod unleashes hell. There’s really no strategy involved in using it. The trick is in balancing its abilities in such a way that it forces the player to strategize.

Could be, or it could reflect the fact that noobs depend on it like a crutch and would be completly lost without a cheap “I win” button.

I kind of like kicking that crutch. It so easy.

Stegodeus doesn’t need much. Maybe adding immunity and counter-attack would be fair.


I kind of like the Cleansing Impact idea. That way true noob dinos like Suchotator cannot counter the best and nearly only good tank in the game.

The strength Stegod have is partly based on its the easiest to create legendary, so everyone could have a Stegod 3~4 levels higher than their other dinos.

But due to they shift Apato into dawn/dust, Stegod is not so much easy to create now.
And I-raptor as on of the best Stegod counter, they give everyone lots of additional DNA of it in Halloween event.
In equal level (or even 2~3 level lower), I-raptor could easily counter down Stegod.

I still think they don’t need to give Stegod so many buff.
But if they really scheduled a superiority nerf, give back those stats taken away from Stegod in ver.1.4 might seems appropriate.

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You’re thinking about high level arenas… in Lockdown and Sorna Marshes, Stegod is… well, a GOD… she’s still very strong and hard to counter if you don’t have the right legendary for the job… I came here often to complain about that until I finally had mine… Today I can see she has many flaws, but she’s still pretty strong… can do heavy damage even to those dinos you mentioned so the next one can kill them… except Indo… but that’s strong against anything…