Guys,just encountered weird thing in pvp

Didn’t managed to screenshot all battle because the weirdness took all my attention.So my opponent start with Utahsinoraptor(18) vs my Stego(23),took it out in 2 hits,you know what dino is next?another Utahsinoraptor(18) !wth is this?took it down in another 2 hits,next came Indominus Rex(20),so the weird thing might end here i guess,halved its HP then he swap into Spinotasuchus,halved its hp,he back swapping into I-Rex.Guess what?the HP is full again !trading blows ,then he swapped again into Spinotahsuchus with its HP dying already.In the end I win that weird battle but +0 rating,wth is this?-_-

You just battled a bot

You reached all the way to Lockwood, surprise u never battle a bot before …

We need to teach you about the bots and the bees!

Futurama reference :joy::joy:

Oh,so thats what people said about bots…well then,case closed,thanks for the replies guys👍