Guys, look how OP my trex is! ;)


this is obiously going to be awesome. its like the darts where you cant even see its total stats. is this a glitch tho

Its Santa-rex!

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Is it bug or edit?

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Before someone complains it should be nerfed, You just have to use DOT! Learn to counter it!


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This is glitch and I’m not even sure how it happened. I was stuck on this screen and had to close the app. It has never happened to me before

Apparently it costs 1 million coins just to “create” trex

you are fake

cool that is glitch right:

How do you do multi fusion with a t Rex?

Does anyone even have enough coins to unlock it?

What are you talking about? I’m posting this as a glitch that happened to me. Its obviously not actually my trex. No dino can have 9999 speed

its called a joke. chill

You don’t. This is just a glitch I found

Ok well it wasnt that funny dude



No problem


Fuse Albino Acro with Albino Acro

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Start with Rixis. Swap to Scapho. Bleed 25% and die.
Send Rixis again. Swap to Dimo. Bleed 50% and die.
Send Rixis again, Immobilize, Bleed the remaining 25%. Rex dead.