Guys stop freaking out when you see a velociraptor!


Yes, velociraptors are OP. Yes, having your velociraptor in your team gives you a big advantage. If your opponent has a higher level one, you are in disadvantage there. But it’s not all lost… I’ve won so many battles with just level 15 normal dinosaurs, and lost so many with my level 20 velociraptor.

Lately I’m facing people that the moment they see my level 20 raptor, they freak out and either switch their current dinosaur for a better raptor counter -which gives me a free hit and allows me to easily kill their counter- or simply start using weak dinosaurs to lose quickly and move on, basically surrendering. And what’s funny is that after seeing their deck, I realize they could have actually won. Seriously, fight until the end, sacrifice one dinosaur if you have to, but don’t freak out. You might be surprised, and if you manage to win against a high level raptor, you will feel great! Rule number one is don’t give the raptor free hits unless you really know what you are doing.


I can’t count the number of times I’ve won with a Raptor b/c the opponent couldn’t do math and swapped when they were low when they could have easily finished me off.


Hmm…if your opponent assign V-raptor, and you got Stegoceratops or Stegodeus in deck, I’ll recommend swap, because these 2 creatures could tolerate Pounce + Strike, then easily knock out V-raptor.

Other situation I won’t suggest swap. That’s all.


Swap a stegoceratops in, get 2 free hits by raptor before you slow her, still get the damage debuff regardless of whether she used Pounce first or second, you get almost killed and barely hurt her, she will swap out and whatever dinosaur opponent brings will finish off stego. Swapping is very dangerous against a raptor, even if it’s a raptor counter it may not be able to take those two hits.

Anyway this was just a bit of ranting because I see people freaking out and it gets a bit annoying.


Now if only Utahraptors and Pyroraptors weren’t a thing…ugh!
No seriously, countering a raptor is so simple. Countering a super tank on the other hand, not so much.


except that when you dont swap, the raptor kills the dino with turn 2 strike and starts the process over again? if they are swapping they would not win anyways.regardless of what you think. just because you think that doesnt mean its true.

there arent really supertanks. there is only 1 decent tank and thats stegodeus. even most tanks cant take more than 2-3 hits unless its from another tank or wet noodle and they do so little damage that it doesnt matter. stegodeus is the only exception because it actually does decent damage… they need to seriously beef up tank hp if the damage is so low for them. gigaspikasaur its pitiful. for some reason loses so much hp compared to all 3 of its bases and doesnt even gain any damage, just a tiny bit of armor at the cost of a lot of hp. not sure why they decided to make so many hybrids worse than the base dinos.


I switch out if I don’t have a chance to survive pounce… this doesn’t mean I freak out. Sometimes it’s just the smart thing to do.


Wow, I just checked and you are absolutely right. Gigaspikasaur is actually worse than Nodopato! The only advantage is that she has 109 speed instead of 106 but other than that… Yeah, good to know, I won’t waste resources on Gigaspika now. All my amarga DNA will go to Amargocephalus and all my Nodopato to Stegodeus. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


If you won’t survive pounce, usually the smartest thing to do is most likely allow your dinosaur to get killed. Raptor won’t be able to use Pounce when you bring out a new dinosaur and either you one shot her or she switches too and gifts you a free hit too. Example: You start with pyroraptor, velociraptor one shots it and you bring out blue. Velociraptor is faster but if she attacks, you will take her down; if she runs away, you will get a free hit with Blue and make sure you have a shield up when raptor comes again. Save the raptor counter for round 3 when raptor can’t switch out and back again


What usually happens though is that they swap their high lvl raptor and sacrafice One of their dino who dmg your dino just enough to be bursted by pounce, repeat and easy win.


Hence my point of using Blue so that you easily kill whatever dinosaur they bring up instead and get a shield up to take on v-raptor again, though it was just an example. The best tecnique is keep your raptor counter for round 3 so that velociraptor can’t just run away and come back anymore


You’re giving up a 2-shot. Usually not the best idea.


This is sound advice. Best scenario against a Raptor you will lose to is to lose after pounce. Almost anything can absorb the strike then cause major damage. If they switch and you pull another raptor-type you get 2 free shots.


I do it only if I can bring in a good tank. Sometimes it may not be a good idea to swap.


You’re right, it just depends on what you have available.


I don’t freak out when I see a velociraptor I freak out when I see a second Velociraptor come up after I’ve already killed one… Whuerhoisawhoasauros or whatever. OP against VELOCIRAPTOR, OR CHARLIE OR BLUE OR DELTA. what kind of RNG PVP game doesn’t let you choose your lineup, your lead your support. your cleanse… A GAME THAT PLAYS EVERYTHING for after you choose from a minimal set of options. from the minimal 8 that you’ve made available to choose from… Who the F has two Velociraptors in their battle mod and WHY would RNG ever choose two Velociraptors against me when ive removed all legs rares uniques and epics from my hateful 8…


VRaptor still take hits. Therefore, skill is required somehow.

Indominus and those Dinos that uses Cloak are just nonsense. Hence, those players that use those Dinos while praying to God that your Dinos don’t take hit are just gamblers.

Have b***s please.

Besides, the system, chooses the weakest lineup among your strongest team. How does that make any sense? I don’t know. Really…


Just had an opponent who just won because I missed his Cloak 4x so he easily took out 2 of mine with Indominus. Just one hit was missing to win … I had the better lineup overall, but no luck.


I will swap to soak the pounch with a low health dino then when i bring in a dino ill absorb the strike then 1 shot the raptor.
Otherwise if I have a tank that absorbs the pounch and does 1 hit but will die to the strike I’ll swap to a dino with counter and take it out :slight_smile:


If you know how and when using her, yes, raptor is devastating, but you have to bear very clearly in mind that if the first move is in your opponent’s hand, for example, a dimetrodon, she will be able to finish your raptor in a strike.