Guys, Thank Ludia

This is important please read it fully

Ludia has done so much good for us yet we have only been focusing on the bad. The login issue? It wasn’t their fault. When they entered in the code of the new update some old code got deleted or the needed new code. They literally had a team typing that code for a week.

Yes, I do agree they give the compensation we all agreed on, but this is just for letting you all know how much Ludia cares about their players.

Raids. Did we ask for them? Seems like a once hidden project we all take for granted now. It’s a free easy way to get 7 apexes, 4 uniques, legendary, and epic dinosaurs.

You all demand about nerfing, like Indo Gen 2, Maxima, Magnus, Sarco, Rhino, Yoshi, and Metrodon. But guess what, other games don’t care about that. I play clash royal too, and they take what 2 years to fully nerf Elite barbarians. So Ludia listens to us and incorporates it in their game, making it our game.

Alliances, Tournament rewards, alliance mission rewards, achievements, and daily missions are all free rewards for boosting our progress in game. They want F2P players to progress faster and not stay in Fallen Kindom (first arena).

Did you change your mind about Ludia, at least a bit?


I respect your words, and Ludia also…Jw alive is my favorite game…


No. I read the entire post, I definitely respect your opinion but I disagree in most points and Ludia is still nothing I feel respect for after the latest disasters.

I won‘t list all the things that make me mad about them, we have enough threads and critical comments about them.

Still waiting for a fair compensation. But as long as Ludia keeps sittin it out, I don‘t see why I would respect them at all. Or be thankful lol.


Agree with this.

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Let’s just give Ludia all the credit for at least making this game productive and entertaining for us all.


i agree a lot


My favorite too and I want to keep it that way forever


Das ist auch wichtig…
Lydia hat mich nach 3 jahren spielen gesperrt… hatte das problem vir 2 monaten und ihnen geschrieben … keine antwort , keine hilfe nach 3 jahren vip … ja super toll … lydia ist der hammer kein service und support … wo ist das super tolle team von den Spezialisten???

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Translated From German:

This is also important …
Lydia banned me after 3 years of playing … had the problem vir 2 months and wrote to you … no answer, no help after 3 years vip … yes super great … lydia is awesome no service and support … where is the super great team from the Specialists ???

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Yes and also no. I have some major gripes because I’ve been experiencing bugs that haven’t been fixed in months and yet instead of things being fixed, more new bits and pieces keep being added that just add even more bugs on top of existing ones.

I haven’t been able to access my achievements tab alongside daily missions since March :upside_down_face:

My game used to run just fine over a year ago now the only thing that seems to work properly is the pvp (minus the garbage matchmaking of course).

Yea, I play it to (sadly lost my account because…idk why) but I do agree they listen more then some other games!

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  1. Why is that “old code got deleted” not their fault?

  2. “but this is just for letting you all know how much Ludia cares about their players.” So you mean they don’t care since they didn’t give out the compensation players asked.

  3. When so many players complained about Apexes take over Arena, Ludia added 3 more. It may be an easy way, but it takes so much time, and the raids are boring. Also, raids are obligations since the apexes are so op, so you have to spend that much time on raids every day!

  4. Nerfing - Indo G2, Yoshi, and Metrodon have been nerfed to the ground, and become useless. I remembered I bought 200 Yoshi DNAs, and the next week it got nerfed. It’s more like a revenue scheme that they churn out op dinos, sell DNAs, coins, and boosts, and then nerf them to the ground, so all your resources spent become wasted. No refund on anything whatsoever. I’d rather have a stable game environment so that you can invest your resources in dinos that you know will perform the same as of now. Will you buy a Cardillac, knowing maybe next month it will turn into Kia? Also the resilient nerf - they nerfed the whole class of dinos without a boost reset. Try to persuade me that it’s not because they want more $$ from boost sales.

  5. Of course they want F2P players to progress, or else there won’t be that many players. Paid players may not even be able to get a match in PVPs or tournaments if there are not that many F2P players. It’s the necessary game mechanic, not charity.

No, I haven’t changed my mind. It’s a good game to start with, and that’s why I am still playing. However, if it’s not for my alliance, I would quit a long time ago for the boring Arena, exhausting raids, and the very unstable game environment.


Yes i fully agree :relaxed:

Yes thanks Ludia, you made a decent game.
But you HAVE to give some customer support or communication to players when something goes wrong.

If there was a problem with my broadband and my Internet service provider ignored me for a week, and didn’t fully compensate me for a week of missed service, the regulator would make them accountable.

If my car broke down and the repair company just left it by the side of the road for a week, posted a 99p air freshener through my post box, and sent an email saying ‘sorry, nothing more we can do’, I would report them.

Why can Ludia get away with it?
Because they don’t care, and they don’t have to, because they are not accountable.

I have accepted this, and will quit at the end of this month once I have helped my incredible alliance with the current championship.


Apexes counter Apex’s. And nerfing dinos just hurt the people that max boosted it, not smart people. And Ludia have gave everyone a premium incubator to everyone for something they didn’t do intentionally. I do agree that they give much more

Agreed. I will try to convince as much people to stop VIP

Apexes counter apexes - how boring it will be when there are 5 Apexes in every team in Arena. Already 3 now. HydroBOA will sure take over another spot.

Nerfing dinos hurt everyone that had spent lots of effort and many resources on them. Not just boosts, but also time spent to grind, FIPs used, more than a million coins (AKA time and $$). True they are not smart. They are just too dumb to trust Ludia thinking that what they see will be what they’ll have in the future.

The problem with the compensation is that the ones who deserve it don’t get it. A premium incubator is not nearly enough to compensate for a week of loss. Plus everyone got it so 0 extra compensation for the ones who suffered. Of course, Ludia didn’t intentionally try to ruin their game, but it’s their fault, so they should compensate the ones enough for those who couldn’t log in.


They can just simply search their database for 7 days offline and give them all the rewards. That I agree

Jwa is a pokemon go clone that originally had a pvp aspect better than pogo. Now, pogo is looking like the better game. Ludia has been asked repeatedly to do better and communicate better with the players. Each time they said they would do better. And the continue to fail at even the most basic of communication asked. So no, I will not say thank you when they repeatedly blow us off. I will not say thank you when they fix a bug they caused. I will not say thank you when they try to placate us with “compensation”. They have lost too much respect and trust. They need to earn it back. Only way to do that is through actions and good will. And when they finally do for the first time, instead of a thank you they’ll get an it’s about time, because at this point that’s all I feel they deserve.


Ah yes, I forgot to add all that Ludia has done with the COVID 19 update