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Gyllentalon bug

I recently got enough copies to max my Gyllentalon and started using it for general quests, the issue is that when i use his ability it sometimes hits only one dragon (he does ricochet damage) and makes the game hang for a few seconds before applying the buffs. Once it completely froze my screen and i had to restart the app.
Like i said it doesn’t happen always and i don’t know what’s causing it. I hope this can be fixed soon because it can be quite annoying and i really like this dragon for questing.


yeah i noticed this too (the crit buff get applied really slowly or something causing lag and freezing)

Also the ricochet isn’t animated, but the dmg still goes through, which causes another problem. Namely that it causes the defeated dragon to remain on the field.

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Thanks for reporting this to us, Mig.

I’m having this same issue