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Gyrosphere Does strength of team effect enemy team?

So i have played 2 gyrosphere events now and the first one was realy easy, but i did have 2 realy weak dinos on my team but the other 3 where able to dominate all the enemies.
But when i did the second battle i got a full realy powerfull team but my enemies where also many times stronger, so does the strength of your team effect the strength of the enemy team?

Note:The first battle was land and the second one was aquatic but idk it that effects anything.

Second Note:It was on the jurrasic tour:intermediate chellange i think
and its for the pack with 4 diffrent common hybrids

Based on the cost of the events there hasn’t been a lot of data mining done on those events to my knowledge.

So it’s hard to say if the team you drew effected the teams you faced.

Meaning had you purposely chosen a weaker team would you have faced a weaker team, or was the team you faced set so it would have been an even more difficult run had you purposely chosen a weaker team?