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Gyrosphere is overcrowded! The endgame is getting worse

It’s been a long journey till I got my first couple of level 30 creatures, fully boosted, which is enough for me to be able to go through Gyrosphere and reach the Shores every end of the month, then get all the way back at the reset and start the process again… And for what I can see, that’s about it for me, at least for a long while, because I don’t have the power nor the slightest wish of swimming with the sharks on the Shores, where you have to wait 2 freaking minutes just to get a match at the last second and take the beating of a lifetime in the hands of fully boosted teams… And wonderfully “tactical” boosts if I may say so, like those fun 9k+HP Maximas and 2500+damage Phorus… So I said, let’s stay on Gyrosphere!

But… I’m far from being the only one. This GamePress article from 4 months ago says it all

What they stated then is way worse now. Things are getting more and more crowded on Gyro, because maaany players have been doing exactly the same… I’ve been noticing things are tougher even though I’m stronger. Stagnation is already a reality for me and that’s ok, I new it would come… But what I fear is that it might not be long till I start going backwards! I really hope something is done about this soon. Fortunately we have the tournaments, which are my main objective now and the only thing that keeps me going besides my Alliance.

The moral of the story is: don’t worry about getting stronger fast. Enjoy the ride. Like they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.


Many wonder why progression is so limited. If every arena before Nublar is crowded, of course monsters await. Players will not be playing joke squads to stay in Gyro but more of a team swap in and out to yoyo in place.or drop into Library and the charge out. So enough to win for incs, not enough to break into Shores.

If everyone is staying in Depot, Ludia has to fix the problem. Lower the Nublar timer, create more reset stop points, add more arenas to store the players. Make Shores Great Again.

Older and stronger players have probably been seeing this happen constantly. Don’t think I would have that kind of patience… Again, I’m glad we have the tournaments.

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Tournaments are not as great as everyone says in my opinion. I truly believe people are so fed up with arenas, that they are looking for anything worth getting excited about. The tournaments are now full of overly boosted creatures. Apparently level 28+ boosted creatures are the normal. Sure I can win about 7-10 battles before getting crushed by these overboosts. I dont have 15+ hours a weekend to grind in these tournys. And the rewards, PLEASE, what a joke. Not nearly good enough to match the time and frustration that goes into those. Tournaments are presented well and getting people to buy into them, literally. But they are a trash heap now as well


Not the skill tournaments, which are the majority (the current one is the only Advantage this month if I’m not mistaken)… And Skill tourneys are the ones I’m referring to.

Sorry went a bit off topic. Arenas and everything to do with boosts (mainly speed boosts) just gets me so riled up

Skills tournaments are much better I agree. But even then, to actually gain enough ground worth the rewards, totally not worth it.

I think they are, especially now with Alliance Championship, and those rewards are usually good so far. But that’s just my opinion. When I say “fortunately we have the tournaments” I mean fortunately for me, lol… and anyone else who feels the same, of course x)

Alliance championship is why I continuously battled in these tournaments. That end of tournament rewards is awesome. But the weekly rewards in my opinion aren’t worth it. I mean, in two weeks it’s a fully boosted whatever ya got goes tournament. Top 1000 get 500 Brachi dna. That 2 power ups! That is SO not worth the agony and frustration that tourny will bring. But all in all, the tournament is at least something more added to the game, which makes it more enjoyable for most. Rather have more than not enough. So I am glad they are around, esp for that end of month reward. I just am not as excited to go waste money on powering up an epic, just so I can STILL get beat

If it wasnt for Alliance Championship I wouldnt bother with Tournaments. Its another PvP activity. Not fun, too many restrictions and often bugged worse than Arena.

Skill is just bad. Advantage is mildly better since I can actually do something instead of pray for better luck and less toxic opponents.

Ludia should have brought in Co-Op after alliance missions. Before missions were a thing, it should be alliance tools. Boosts should be brought in after Tournaments and Championships as a means to create endgame variety not create chokes.

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Maybe they should set the timer back to a minute and maybe it’s time for one or two new arenas.

I’ve been saying this since day one. Just enjoy the game wherever in the Arena you are. Play the long game.

Absolutely! I’ve been noticing a lot over the last probably six months that the mid tier Arenas are getting far too many higher level teams and its probably due to space at the top. The lower level teams are getting squished further and further down.

It’s the exact same story in Aviary and Library from my experience and that if my wife and son.

I made it into Library about five months ago, and have just about managed to stay in there. I’m generally between 5100 and 5300. My wife who is way more about using dinos she likes sits between 4600 and 4800 and my son between 4800 and 5000. None of us seem to be able to move out of these brackets.

We have all played pretty much since the launch and don’t spend much money on the game.

The alliance championship is a welcome addition, we all love that. And we are looking forward to what the co op will bring.


Yeah because everyone on Gyro keeps pushing others down

It’s definitely a problem alright.
A level 30 creature used to be a fairly rare sight in the Library, but now every team I encounter has a few of them.

I divide my time between the Library and the Depot. Lately though, when I get knocked out of the Depot, I find it very hard to get back in due to the abundance of seriously OP teams / creatures that seem to permanently reside in the Library now.


My suggestions. Please feel free to discuss.

Lol, when I made this topic yesterday it wasn’t happening yet but now it feels like it already is - I’m being pushed backwards! Got my butt kicked all day and now I’m around 5500-5600 which is where I used to drop on purpose when things got too hard up there! But now it’s too hard down here too.

I haven’t seen the Library (besides the resets) since January and now I’m almost back unwillingly after almost 5 months of “progress”! That’s pretty ridiculous :roll_eyes:


Use your insane Utahsino…

To be honest, this is purely on Ludia. Keleken for seasonal reward added to a 2 min AI timer for Nublar has ensured that players.would rather stay in Gyro Depot and choke it up than endure long wait times to play.

Unfortunately Utasino isn’t always present =)… Besides, all it takes is a set up Indo2 with 2k attack which are really, really, reeeeally common nowadays…

But yeah, the timer thing is what it’s screwing everything for everybody… Honestly, this shouldn’t exist. They do it just so the higher ranked players have more chances of finding someone to face…

Hey there, just a F2P here. Became a Librarian so to speak after playing in the same arena for more than 6 months now (range 5200-5400). Season resets: rinse and repeat.

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