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Gyrosphere matchmaking

Attached is a picture of my team. I can have only the bottom row and face all level 30 uniques. In fact I’ve fought about 30 battles today and only TWICE has a team not had all level 30 Dino’s. I’m at about 5600 trophies all my opponents are over 5800. Am I the only one at this level with this type of team? Anyone else have this issue? I just fought a level 30 thor with 3000 maxed damage. Actually twice in a row and got destroyed. The only reason i stay this high is with the right matchup my indo gen 2 can take out 3 level 30 uniques by itself at times and it’s not even crazy boosted. Are there that few players left that this all i can be matched with? Ever since I Got out of the library a few weeks ago it’s been beat all level 30 team

or go back to library. I like the skill part of the game and it’s kept me in gyro but my goodness.

From Library up all that matters in matchmaking is your trophy count. Team strength isn’t part of the calculation anymore.

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I have the same issue in Aviary. Ludia apparently has either a bias against or a phobia for putting my Thor and the better half of my team into battle. I always get stuck battling level 27 opponents with level 21 and 22 dinos

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I knew that and forgot about it. Do you know the plus/minus on the matchmaking?

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I kept getting so many bad matches in aviary, i decided to play the system a bit. Original team had 4 uniques 21-22 a proceratho 22, utasino and smiloceph 20 and 18 indo g2. I dropped one of my uniques for thylacotator 18, and matches have been so much more fair. My team strength didn’t go down much.

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So what you are saying is structure my team like yours?

Nope there are a lot of people to abuse overpowered creatures like Rat,Indo Gen 2,Procerat,Thor
Not your fault

A 23 level legendary can easily beat 3 30 level uniques…BALANCE …cough…cough…money grabbing Dino

My 29+ average Unique Level team is most of the time below you…
Your team brouht you up here…so probably you will meet more 30 level teams

not necessarily. I only did it so i can get my incubators. Tho I don’t fight as many 26+ teams anymore, it doesn’t address the main issue of matchmaking and boosts. I would love to play my original team again, but the current components of the system make it super difficult.

Up to Aviary about 1/3 teamstrenght 2/3 trophy above all trophy