Gyrosphere Tour

Any tips/tricks to win these, usually I can predict the bot, but this one seems to be a lot more aggressive. I also don’t really think I choose my team well.

First of all, not a lot of people play Gyrospheres because the reward of common hybrid for 250 DB isn’t worth it. I’m one of the few people who regularly do them for fun.

So, tips for drafting: Usually you just pick the strongest dino. Only factor in class when you either have tons of one class or there are two dinos in the draft very close in ferocity for you to pick between

First battle, overpower it with your strongest dino, so you take minimum damage. Second battle, try to not lose any dinos. 3rd and 4th battle, you can either sack 1 dino per battle or try to beat 3 without sacking and sack 2 dinos on 4. I believe the AI acts slightly differently, but nothing to actually change your battle strategy about.

If you want, you can message me next time you do a Gyro and I can give you some help on drafting and picking teams for battles :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the tips, I’ll definitely try your strategies out!

Oh, forgot to mention. In this mode you have to think about taking minimal damage more than other battles. You can’t just reserve 4 for your last dino to come in and finish them off, you need every dino you can get. So you’ll find yourself blocking a lot more often.