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Gyrosphere with mods

I know that a lot of players don’t like mods or the gyrosphere. But, I could see some of the more expensive mods being more useful in a gyropshere event where Dino’s this battle matter the next battle.

Just an idea. :blush:


10/10 idea, not gonna lie… :flushed:


I would like this, and the rewards are rare and super rare hybrids no commons.

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Depends on the rewards and the difficulty needed to complete an event…

Gyros suck because of the RNG of picking dinos (that usually means 1 dino is leagues better than the other 2) and the mods are just more RNG on top of that.

I would be ok with them depending on the rewards, difficulty, and if Ludia tried to pull a fast one like they did with the Indom Gyro…

That is an excellent idea, I would like if we can choose them like the dino

I figured we would buy/provide our own. Not their pick one of three.


Although I think picking the mods from a selection of 3 would add to the strategy of the event.

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Bringing better mods of my own accord helps to keep the event achievable.

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