Gyrosphere - wrong starting trophy count in tournament

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Bug Description: Only got 82 arena level bonus not 820; I’m in Gyrosphere

Area is was found in: Greater Hybrid Skill Tournament

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What type of device are you using:
Samsung A70

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I thought I was the only one. I got 82 to start with

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My partner did as well; she is also Gyrosphere. You?
Great start to the tournament - was really looking forward to this one and now have to climb 700+ trophies to be where I should have started :rage:

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Shores started with 880 so this is definitely messed up. I don’t think skills tournaments need starting trophies to begin with.


Yeah - know someone else who started on 700 which was correct for their arena. Looks like just Gyrosphere :sob: I agree as well, can understand for at level but not skill.

Some people are already over 1000. I’m at the shores but started on 82 trophies.

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Bump. Only effecting those in gyrosphere in seems.

That’s strange - but then I am showing a different high score in the alliance leaderboad than I am in the arena - this whole inbetween seasons thing seems to have screwed things up.

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Library, started with right trophy count 760.

Oh well, more battles to contribute towards alliance missions I guess :joy:

Its offical - the game hates me - my alt got 700 which is the Aviary bonus when I am in Library …

Edit: ok this one makes sense; my high score is Library but I am currently in Aviary

Someone gets it. It’s not a SKILL tournament if those in the top spots get a massive advantage


I thought this was a skills tournament. With everyone having the same level for creatures, why do we need to have starting trophies?
Or is it because it encompasses rare thru unique hybrids that we are doing this. So that those without uniques don’t have to face a full team of them right off the bat.


I agree 100%. I haven’t been a fan of the starting trophies with the skilled tournaments since they were announced. I think this is the first skilled we’ve had under the new system and I was really hoping it wouldn’t be implemented for this. Everyone has equal level creatures. Who cares what current arena they are in?


Classic Ludia

Same for me. I have 5629 trophies in Gyrosphere and got 82 trophies !

@Ned bit of a major issue this that affects a lot of people; might be a good idea to halt the tourney …


or add the appropriate trophies to those effected.


Its based on your current arena not your high score arena

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