Gyrosphere - wrong starting trophy count in tournament

GG! now that puts me up to date 300 trophies. 40 bucks for me! Lol

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Does anybody have an idea what is going to happen to the current progress of members grinding up from 82 trophies? Will our current score be added on top of the 820 trophies when it’s fixed or are the continues battle in the mean time wasting our time? If there’s an answer I would know to keep battling in the tournament or battle in the areana until it’s fixed.

@Ned Any update on the issue? What should effected players do?

Hey Kaan, our team would like you to reach out to them here at so they can better assist you with this issue. Please remember to include your support key in the email so they can find you quicker in their system.


Oh, it has came to my attention that actually, we didn’t battle, according to my recent openent list. Seems like there’s another guy with the same name. My name should appear with a capital ‘X’


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Well that sucks lol

Already done it. Waiting response. What will happen to us? Our trophies will be set to 820 or our currently earned trophies will be added on top of 820 ?

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Sem título


Seriously? Why do we need the starting trophies for this one? This is revolting. There is nothing stopping newer players from being really good at this type of tournament. Especially with Procerat being one of the best dinos, one that you can reach early on.

I already miss the days when a bunch of level 12 players could reach 1st place with enough determination in these tournaments.

Restart the Rare-Unique Tournament already!
I was hyped for this tournament but my happiness died the moment I saw 82+ trophies (even though I’m in gyrosphere). It died just like when they added boosts to the game.

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Can’t see them fixing anything before the tournament ends …

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Well, on the positive side. My battles will contribute towards the alliances missions. Ludia will be ever so kind to donate 40 bucks to me.


Has the team not yet understood this affects all player currently in Gyrosphere?
Or should it be interpreted that only players reporting this bug will be supported?

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Hey Dino1968, our team is still actively looking into this issue at the moment, and I can understand the frustration. If we get more information from our team, we’ll be sure to try and update everyone here asap.

That is a fair response from my view. Thanks

Hey Ned I think you need to add at least 1 more day to this tournament for messing up so bad…

By the time you sort this out for everyone they won’t have a chance to play it

For any lower level players in the tournament reading this thread: I’m sorry for trashing your your Einiasuchus and Edmontoguanodons with my Gemini and Mammolania. It shouldn’t have had to been this way, but the incompetence shows no limits.


Now not only I have to deal with this incompetence of a tourney, but also I’m having more bugs and disconnections than ever before.

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