Gyrosphere - wrong starting trophy count in tournament

The right thing to do from Ludia is to do the wrong things…
The wrong things from players is to hope Ludia do the right things…


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Not a visual bug. Did one battle and lost. Now I have 52 trophies and at rank 4.2k :smiley:

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I was wondering how people got over 1000 medals while me with my 4 wins is sitting at 174 medals… :unamused:

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We’re looking into it at the moment. :eyes:


Sounds good, Ned. I have same problem. Created a support ticket about it

Same here as well, 82 trophies, I immediately wrote an e-mail to support

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Have the same problem. We need a reset and a restart of the tournement

Yea same thought it was weird I had 82 trophy’s an ppl had over 1000 already in less then an hour

People were at 800 in a matter of minutes

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I was in Gyro for a time and only got 760.
Or is it based on current trophy?

I don’t know how y’all got 82, that’s so weird.

It’s based on your current arena not your high score arena

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Got cha, I wasn’t completely sure.

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Players in gyrosphere depo started with 82 trophies. Players in Nublar Shores started with 880. I’m assuming this is a mistake. The tournament needs to be restarted with the proper starting counts. Or none at all, given its a skill tournament and there is no need for one.


I’m thinking they can just add the other 738 trophies to our current number (as I assume we start at 820)

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They won’t stop it, nor will they give you extra trophies.

This bug is similar to the one where you were stuck at 0 no matter how much you battled. They didn’t do anything except say “Sorry. Nothing can be done, thanks for telling us.”

Considering the prizes for this and how good they are, I really hope they do something about it.


Test for Ludia devs … spot the odd one out …


You don’t need to be a genius …


Adding cups to everyone might be difficult to track. But I suppose they could do a full restart given that this is a large chunk of players that have this.

Hey DPG members, if you were affected by this, could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at with your support key?

Thank you!

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Large chunk of players were affected by the other bug too, support was no help.

Pretty sure it’ll be the same with this one sadly.