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Dude, how exactly do you win this when all of the guys you get to choose are basically rated like a pvp matchup…except you have to win four of them.

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I’ve never done a gyrosphere, except the one that was around Easter I believe. That one wasn’t that hard. Kind of the luck of the draw, but usually you’re sacrificing a guy each round to save the other guys and build up points.

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Survival … don’t lose creatures and neither does their HP.

Play more conservative. It also likely means making the first Dino a bigger sacrifice.

When you pick your Dino’s, you should make sure to have 2 or 3 meat shields and 2 glass cannons that can single handed handle 3 Dino’s when starting with 8 points.


I also don’t waste bucks on regular gyrospheres. There’s only been one I felt worth doing which was the raptor decoration one. Did dozens of them and won almost all of them as we knew going in what the opponents would be. And they only cost 50 DB each run.

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If they were only 50 db that would be worth it. I’d really like to do them but the reward would need to be a lot better for 250.

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