H.O.T. Dino's

For the next added dino’s, lets add some HOT (Heal Over Time) dino’s that would be opposite to the DOT ones like Suchonator.

Take a couple weak new dinos with no armor that might have a small 0.25 heal over time, put them together into a rare or epic and come out with a heal over time move that does 1X damage and has a 0.33 regenerate for 3 turns with a 4 turn cool down. Then you can add a legendary that has some armor with HOT and a unique that adds DOT with HOT but on the low side of hit points and low on damage. Wouldn’t want another OP dino.

There’s a move that cleanses and heals 50 percent hp what need is there for hot???

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There was a movie named H.O.T.S how about our dinosaurs come out in bikinis and each loss lose a piece of clothing :joy::joy::joy::joy:

But they naked usually lol :joy:

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