Haast & Boa Theme Team for Fun

Having gotten my 2nd Apex today, I have another theme team with enough creatures (by name) to create a fun team.


I’ll try this team out between giga scents. I don’t expect greatness out of this team. It should just be fun to pull all Boa’s or Haasts depending on the random pick I get. The Apex’s might serve as an anchor if I get one of those picked for the level I’m at in the arena, depending on my opponents team.


Later this week, I will have all 7 snakes for almost a complete team of snakes. I’ll see how that goes.


Horrible! I lost all 4 battles against real players, dropped into the Estates and finally won against the pity AI. Now back the the afternoon giga scent and bear hunting.

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Yeah, It is kinda hard most of those dino are pretty bad, except for the apex and dilophoboa, they are all very bad