Haast is out in wild!

Just popped by my house.

Nice, the current hybrid pursuit thing is pukaidey? that how u spell it? prob not, but yeah haast should be out and about now, I hope to encounter it soon

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nice, Poukai is the hybrid chase, on Thursday / Friday we have more poukai and at the end of the month we have Tupandactylus. I hope it’s a sign that Poukan gets a buff


Lol. I thought the hybrid pursuit was broken! I’ve been looking for the rare version since that’s the one they have pictured in the news section… didn’t even realize it was supposed to be the epic

ludia being ludia

You guys encountered it? I have played daily, at home, going to work and back, fired 3 Giga scents so far and never seen it once!

I opened a ticket but just so I can have my mind at peace. I’m sure a brainiac will see it, apply a macro reply and solve the ticket.

It’s kinda pointless to create a ticket because you don’t see epic spawns. Epics are supposed to be rare.
Today I have seen none, yesterday I saw 3. It’s just luck.

Maybe but considering the amount of time I’ve played, in different locations since they announced it and not even seeing it once…I’m not talking about getting some DNA, I’m talking about seeing it on the map, I think there is a problem.

I don’t expect to see it like it was the case with Proceratosaurus but still.

Considering the amount of time you played, you should know that epic pursuits don’t necessarily spawn a lot. Sometimes 3 a week is normal.
When others see it, that means it’s there. You’re just unlucky.

Again, maybe. It’s the same case as it was with Secodontosaurus, a few weeks ago. The second day after I opened and received an answer to my ticket, I started to see it on the map.
Might be a coincidence but I highly doubt it.

What was the answer to your ticket?

Take a wild guess. A cool answer that involved the fact that even though he cannot force spawn near my area, my feedback will certainly be passed on about the distribution and there is no guarantee that I will see any immediate change.

Then you have your answer.

90 proceras off a giga last week. Soon as it’s an epic. Nothing. Broken fixed game

Not true. It has been spawning much more than usual pursuit epics

i’ve seen 2. granted i haven’t been actively hunting. 1 wild 1 scented.

Not in my map. Only found one yesterday.

I’ve heard it’s a bit more plentiful

Seen maybe 4 so far, have only been able to grab one tho