Haast max buff

This apex definitely needs some attention and some time under the spot light. Like I can think of around 3 apexs that need buffs to be honest however at least they have had some time being meta, whilst haast max has never even scratched the surface even in a fierce meta at the moment.

This is ludias description when haast max was released.

N.1 Critcal sniper - It can reach 70% however you have to use piercing screech whilst the opponent is swapping out. I use haast max and ive hit 70% crit once. For example Hydraboa can get 80% from its set up move and SG3 gets 75% from swapping in.

N.2 Speed - Haast max also known as the rocket apex has the speed stat of 128. This rocket apex gets outsped by 6 points to the latest segnoraptor and 8 points behind the new microraptor.
Eventhough haast max gets alot of speed increasing moves it still gets outspeed by such creatures as SG3, dilorach and ardontognathus.

N.3 Precise

Has 1 move that removes dodge/cloak, I think this can be easily fixed by making fearless flap a precise attack like its flock counterpart.

How to buff -

Resistances I think are fine

Speed needs to be 132+

Piercing screech -

Piercing screech is absolutely terrible for a 3 turn cooldown move.
I personally think that it should be replaced by a type of impact that revolves around haast maxs description.

Obstruction to flight -

Oh yes the no escape that rewards the opponent for swapping out since most dinos have some swap prevention resistance.
I feel like this move needs to be similar to imperas but a cunning version.
100% dodge 67% of damage dealt
100% crit
1X or 0.5X attack on the dino swapping out.

A counter could be added but i think thats too much personally and pvp battles are already long enough.

Would love to know your feedback the on escape might be abit too much but i dont see people complaining abouts imperas version.
Feel free to add your own buffs to this thread.

@E.D @Breona @Ned can you please forward this message to your team.


What? How? It gives no buffs to your opponent, and 2 to you along with a cleanse. Yeah not much can be pinned these days but it’s hardly a reward for your opponent. With Piercing Screech it could just have less cooldown and increase the duration of your speed and crit Chance to 2 turns, along with possibly a 20% speed increase as well.

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I see the point, however when people swap vs haast max its not into a dino that speed increase and crit increase would help againts.

  1. Any swap in damage dino kills you through the no escape which makes the buffs usless.

  2. Can just swap in any tanky dino and the boost you get is pointless examples being anky lux and skoona.

Speed increase is usless vs tanks since their slower anyway.

The crit increase only gets you to 50% which is a coin flip.

Not really a punishment on the opponent for swapping compared to other on escape / no escape passives. The free swap in allows them to set up another dino for free because you’re forced to swap or just let haast max die for free therefore rewarding the opponent.

Hope this explains my point more.

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This better?


The on escape and critical over impact is nice.
I personally dont think haast max needs a counter, if it was to get a counter you could possibly add the critical counter from albertospinos.

I think the resistances are fine currently maybe just the stun becoming 100%.


Hey @MattCrad01, Forwarding to the team!


Thank you :pray:

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It’s only free if either A) The opponent has a swap in or B) The opponent has a counter attacker that can kill Haast with one hit. And even if you let Haast Die, you can still get some decent damage off with RR, or if you have to swap, you could swap into a counter. It’s not rewarded unless you kill Haast with the swap in. And while that could be stopped by an on escape, not much these days prevents Parathops/Albertocevia from rolling in and trashing around the opponent for 3k damage. So no, it’s not really rewarding.

you should totally use my idea for it minus the counter

So this

Yea but i personally think mine work at least the speed as then u can work up speed also like soaring alert

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I’d just have Critical Over Impact target the team and increase crit for 2 turns, 6 attacks. And maybe 4050 Health and 1650 Damage. Looks good otherwise.

Edit: Just saw Decel immunity. Chuck that off and I think he would be an amazing cunning apex.

Done whats the other 3 that need reworks?

A) swap in meta almost every team has a swap in the most common being para, cevia and anky lux.
B) Most of the meta have counter attacks

  • Cevia
  • Anky lux
  • skoona
  • Andrewtops
  • new dilorach

With the ravenous rampage point, this move is so easily played around since its haast maxs only multiplier. Vs a skoona or anky lux you wont get them into swap in range because of the armour and hp.

Its just not a punishing no escape.

Boa, Arcto, rexy, anky lux, impera and even tarbo have a punishing on escape that actually prevents people from wanting to swap. Meanwhile with haast its a free get out of jail free card which allows the opponent to get a free kill or possibly set up a dino which a no escape should prevent.

Ive used haast max eversince I unlocked him and he’s lv30 maxed and people are in a losing match up, they swap into a counter and haast max just dies next turn.

Also another point haast max has actually never been a tyrant not even low tyrant :person_shrugging:

Gorgotrebax needs a rework more than Haast if you’re talking about apexes that deserve some spotlight in the meta. At least Haast kills stuff like Ref, Dilo and Hydra which Bax loses to and are all used at the top.

Haast is superior is almost all the most important aspects. It has a group move, guaranteed dodge for 2 attacks, 2 ways to cleanse (particularly speed decrease and vulnerable), a massive instant rampage and a better combination of stats - all huge improvements on Bax.

The on-escape/swap prevent is certainly a benefit, mostly because it traps the stuff it’s countering. Albertocevia, Diloracheirus, Ref, Para, Tarbognathus, Rexy are all top tier creatures with no swap prevent resistance.

Bax suffers hugely from the swap meta and a laughable speed stat that means it can’t output as much damage or tank hits like most other cunnings these days. It has marginally better resistances, and removing shields is occasionally useful but if its purpose is to kill other cunning/cunning-fierce/fierce creatures, it’s no where near as good as Haast - and I do think Haast could do with a buff as well!


Yeah it’s not, never said it was. Just was pointing out it doesnt on average reward your opponent. It’s not a great on escape, but it’s not rewarding your opponents.

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Fair enough, i just think allowing a dino like anky lux to set up is a rewarding idea.

Well they can also miss time it and you go for PS, or you could swap to Mortem/Imperato/Parathops

Gorgo definitely needs a buff aswell my point on haast is that its never even scratched the meta, hasnt even been a low tyrant acccording to the gamepress articles.

Like gorgo has been powercrept which is 100% true but he has actually been in the meta and been classed as a tyrant.

But haast has never been powercrept because its always been on the bottom of the pile.


True, but a no escape to me shouldn’t mean you have to swap aswell kind of defeats the purpose of having one. I could of worded it abit better to be honest thats why in the my rework I gave it damage so then it actually can have an influence on somebody wanting to swap.

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Sadly. Wouldnt mind seeing it there for once, also wouldnt mind a redesign that’s more like it’s profile picture too, but mostly it does need a buff, and a medium one at that.