Haast Maxima the Feathered Team

This team is a little fowl but it actually does pretty well.

This is my 3rd team built off of an anchor Apex at the head. The problem with a team like this is the highest and lowest are 7 levels apart. So of course I do better when I get the higher ones selected. I sometimes win badly and lose badly.

Team Maximus

Team Artovas was my last one and faired the same. I’m hanging in the same range of tropy’s with all of these.

Team Arctovas
Team Antlers

My first Apex theme team was the snakes which was my favorite so far.

Team Hydra
Team Snakes

Don’t be afraid to switch up your teams by growing and trying new creatures. It make play more interesting.


Always loved your way of playing the game :blue_heart:

Why do as everyone else.

I would change some of mine if Boost-reset was possible.