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Haast maximus design

Haast maximus is the most dissapointing boss in terms of design
It is promoted like this:
Yet in game it looks like this:
It matches neither the raid promotion, or ingame portrait


I fail to see the problem with its design…


It doesnt match what was shown it was supposed to look like and it ended up looking very bland compared to other apexes


except the colors being less sharper, I see no difference!
But yeah, it looks much better in the teaser. This problem is also faced by geminititan and scorpy gen 3


It was supposed to be have completely black feathers and bright red glow, instead it has brown feathers and almost no glow at all
The teaser also shows dark blue feathers around the head, which are nowhere to be found on the model


I like its design maybe the model of the raid boss could be more accurate to the creatures icon. But overall I like it.
It might be like marmite you hate it or love it
But I do get the point in game once unlocked its like a jet black I would post an image but I will get suspended :joy:I posted refrenantems moveset and got banned for 3 days not making that mistake again

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Expectation vs reality at it’s finest

Either way, it still looks like a Phoenix to me and I love it! :grin:

But I do agree the colors could be a bit sharper. Either way it’s fine!

Honestly one of my Favorite parts of it’s design other than the colors, is the feather Mullet it’s got on the back of it’s head! :laughing:


Just looks like big Haast gen 2 tbh

I agree. The design seems way too bland for an apex dino and should be much more similar to what was marketed beforehand and shown in the thumbnail.

It’s no problem with main model, but a problem with a how they represented it. The showed it as having glowing parts. But it doesn’t have it. So really what we need is what they showed.

Untill today I was unaware, that Ludia made 2 designs for Haast maximus
Its raid boss design is in my opinion the worst boss design yet
But its playable version does match how the boss was supposed to look

im not even sure the Eddy is even bioluminescent like the other Apex