Haast Maximus Raid Strategy

Here is a good working raid strategy for Haast Maximus.

As usual, this must be done exactly as shown. Tuoromoloch’s moves are vital to be done exactly as shown. It is vital Tuoromoloch do speed the 1st turn of round 3 so Diorajasaur can fire off Instant Invincibility before Haast does instant 2X which will kill the raid. If Tourmoloch does not do Group Superiority the 2nd turn of round 3, the Thors will need to do Instant Charge to finish, round 3, turn 3. Tuoromoloch may need to have it’s health boosted if it gets killed in round 2, turn 2.

Follow exactly and you can do this in 7 turns.

This didn’t work the first try but did the 2nd. I think Haast must have done an extra critical on one of its hits that took out my lower 28 Thor.

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yeha did the second one tried it with dior guy got angry so swapped to anky and it worked…seriously want to try with dior bigger dino bigger health cant see why it wouldnt work but yeah get you 22900k thors out

this is best for sure and fast

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What a balanced team!