Haast Maximus Unlocked

I’ve gotten super lucky with this one. And no I didn’t buy the joke of an Apex incubator that’s in the store right now.


Hooray! Haast Maximus has joined the fray today!

Wow congrats. How good is it

I bought the Inc still 3 weeks from unlocking it. So lucky you

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Congratulations! That raid is too hard for me :nerd_face:

Congrats… :balloon: fly high!!!

…why? Just why?


congrats on unlocking the feathered rodan birb!

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So no Rocket Alert?

Why not? I wanted to see what I would get. Not exactly bad but the problem with Apex is how well you do with it is more luck than any skill.

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I feel that was a waste of resources.
You do you I guess?

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Playing this game is a waste of resources if you think about it.

Playing actual jackpots brings more enjoyment and ROI than Playing JWA FTP.

Wow that’s awesome I’m happy for you