Haast Maximus uses rampage turn 1 in campaign mode

Bug Description: Course 21, #3 (Apex Test, beginner) the AI swapped to Haast on turn 1 and then used Ravenous Rampage turn 2 (the eagle’s first turn).

Area is was found in: See description

Thanks, Somedinoguy! I’ve informed our team.

Thanks @Ned

Also, not sure how this one (against Lord L) is possible, given that he is 100% resistant to both damage and crit reduction:

EDIT: The special requirement portion being not possible, not the mission itself.

should be possible with the right dinos

Don’t see how it can be done. You have to waste 3 turns doing the cunning strike, a mimium damage move that won’t even distract due to the LL’s immunity
All while eating massive damage from the bosses counter and attacks

ohhhh, i though you were refering to the battle

Yeah, my bad. Sneaky edit. :wink:

yeah that seems impossible

Lol! And then this helpful tip after:

If I had creatures higher than lvl 30, I’d use em! @Ned :wink:

Killed it in 2 moves but now stuck on 3rd one the 2nd goat

Foreshadowing? I hope not!

I had the same thought.

If you haven’t done it yet then use Indotaurus, tower (I used Skoona), Compsocaulus with speed > Boss, Compsonathus.