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Hab and his stick

So as we where discussing in another thread. I just had a match. We each had our Cleric in group. I killed all his guys, but his stealthier cleric, K still had up Pally, Rogue, and my Cleric. Kept killing him…bu he had the high ground…so the fire won. I have done the same things to my opponents numerous times. This is not a complaint, just an observation. I guess the fire is neccessary…

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Happened to me too a few hours ago. I lost :frowning:

One of the first things I look for at the beginning of the match is whether the teams are mostly offensive or defensive. If there are lots of tanks and pallys and not a lot of heavy hitters, my strategy is to try to take the high ground as soon as possible instead of inflicting damage early on. Then I try to play defensively and survive until the fire does the work.
This strategy has consistently won me a lot of matches (though I am still not that high level, not sure whether it remains effective later on).

I’ve been on both sides of that battle many times. It’s one of my least favorite aspects of the game. For me, it take the fun out of battle win or lose. The devs even nerfed the thighbone recently and it’s still broken. I think it would be more fair if they capped the limit on revives per character per battle to 1. Still very useful, but not broken.