Are different dinosaurs only available in biomes like lets say desert (sahara things like that) and other biomes ore perhaps even locked on a continent ore not.


I dont think so there are, thankfully.


So far i dont think this is the case; as i have loads of dinosaurs but 16. So most of them can be caught in 2 specific regions.

There is a difference between certain regions, for sure. Certain dinosaurs only spawn in one region while other dinosaurs spawn in an other region.

Mostly its divided like this: the countryside spawns loads of herbivores (euoplo, stego,…) while in the city or more populated areas spawn in more carnivores (allo, sucho,…). Or at least thats how i’ve noticed it so far. So certain regions dont spawn certain dinosaurs while they spawn in abundance in an other region!

So far epics and rares also work in the same order. I noticed myself catching way more Spinosaurs (rare) in the city (or at least a different region than mine, for example) while here on the countryside i catch way more dilo’s, koolasuchus,… Epics seem to be very random but i can’t deny you might find more trexes and such in the city - but i also caught multiple trexes here on the countryside so im not entirely convinced here.

So currently there are 2 kind of regions (especially common & rare related):

Herbivore regions - countryside. (Spawns loads of stegos, euoplo, parasaurs einiosaur,…)
Carnivore regions - city / more populated areas. (Spawns loads of suchos, allosaurs, tarbo, tanchy,…)

During night time the spawns mostly change to the same one i believe; raptors, majung,…


I live in a small village where i have a very balanced Dino pool so im not sure if this is the case