Habits and peculiarities when playing JWA

I was just wondering if fellow players have any strange habits or peculiarities when playing JWA.

This is just for fun. Whatever habits you have, feel free to share. I will start.

  1. I cannot end my battles in arena with a defeat. That would be bad for my mood the whole day. If I keep losing then once I have a victory, I stop battling. It is so nice to end with victory. Even if you may have lost three earlier battles. But it still feels good with that one victory.

  2. which brings me to next point. I love seeing this and having 4 incubators ready to open. I will open them up up one after the other. (I also had a DBI ready to open as well but accidentally pressed it and voila! it was opened.). So yeah, opening 4 incubatoras at once plus a DBI feels great.

  1. when in sanctuary, my sequence always is to go first with food. Secondly with play. And then finally with interaction. I dunno why I do it this way. Maybe because some dinos (like TRex) have an awesome interaction action. So it is great to end with that. That Roar is so familiar and soothing somehow.

So what’s your habit or peculiarity?


I had some yes -

  1. Darted each and every single Suchomimus I saw, which as someone who lived and hunted in L4 was a lot! I remember I was trying to hit the cap for DNA, and when I hit 200k they increased the cap lol.
    Still don’t know why I started darting them honestly =/

  2. Had to be listening to music while playing, ALWAYS listening to music as I found it helped me concentrate on darting better, and it seemed to work because when my mind wasn’t split between darting and listening to music at same time, I seemed to dart worse…dunno why that was =/.

  3. Always had a scent running while hunting, always!

  4. Used to go out of my way to avoid back tracking down the same road I just walked down. This was mainly coz a lot of police are around my area and I didnt wanna look suspicious “hanging around”.
    I just didnt wanna be harassed!

  1. arena: i continue playing until i have 4 incubators that aren’t the 15 minute ones. I just hate seeing them and would rather have a longer one i can pop and forget about at work. i have been braking my habit recently. mostly due to not battling as much, but i am still trying to get my incs filled when i do decide to battle.

  2. dbis: i will continue to battle until this is completed. If i have more than one, i’ll go until all are completed. even if my incs are full. (curse my competitive nature)

  3. sancs: I always start with food, then interact, then play. usually i end it with the feed animation still going, but some of the play animations are funny when they proc.

  4. i’ve always had a habit of checking the game “one last time” before i go to bed. Never want to miss that one extra spawn i need for something. This also coincides with me checking the game every 10 minutes when a new creature is out (also hybrid pursuits). I’ve actually gotten some good dna by doing this.


I start the day with the Arena and must fill all four slots.

I play before bed and make sure I have an 8 hour incubator to see me through the night.


That’s interesting. Not long after the game launched there was a post on these forums by someone who said that musician games is often designed to be off putting so if you turn the music off you’ll do better during darting. I did so and without the music playing I do far better and more accurate.

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I have the same ones about victory and sanctuary feeding (unless I don’t have some item, then I just go to the next from the left).
Other habits:

  1. Interacting with a creature before fusing. Probably does nothing to the RNG (unless it’s frame-based) but seems like I get better fuses.
  2. Regarding arena incubators: if I’m in a very unstable spot on the arena ladder, I don’t use up my previous arena 8h incubators. If I’m in a stable spot, I’ll open all of the previous arena incubators one by one and fill the slots with current arena 8hs. Every evening I will use an 8h before going to bed so I can wake up to a ready to collect incubator next day.
  3. Similar to how Stiffeno doesn’t want to look suspicious while hunting, but in my case it’s about being behind people. I don’t want them to think I’m following them, and often I just change my path if I can.
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Well, I am the exact opposite when fighting in an arena. If I lose the first time I will play one more time if I lose again, I stopped for a while. If I’m on a winning streak I keep going until I lose, LOL.

I am lucky enough to work on a farm I go in at 3 a.m. In the morning and on my way in I pull over several times on a side road. As there are many epic spawns there. And I open all of the drops in the area going up and down on my way home for my team. Having my own schedule helps. So I will drive 500 ft stop clear the area and so on and so on for about an hour on the days that I work.

If I am in a hurry on a certain day, I will not even open the game because it will distract me and make me late for everything. LOL Mostly, I just have fun with it. I don’t get into. Getting upset over anything. After all it is just a game. And I have my grandson and my dad to take care of and they are my world but this is what I used to take care of stress.

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Yeah I don’t really understand it myself but I carried two phones with me, one was a music player and the other JWA, and when my music phone went flat I wasn’t hitting DNA caps on commons like I would normally do with ease while music was playing.

I suppose one possible reason was because I used to hunt 99% at night…im talking LATE at night, even into the early morning hours if I didnt need to be up early! Perhaps without the music I was more focused on my surroundings than on the game? like in terms of dangers and such.

You wouldnt believe the creepy noises you hear late at night here in Aussieland. I remember one night I was walking past some trees and I heard this loud strange cackling noise! Totally freaked me out as I normally wouldnt hear such things with music blaring in my ears lol, perhaps such things were distracting me where as the music would kind of create a “filter” to the ambient noises!

Btw I found out a few weeks later what the noise was…they were huge fruit bats eating the fruit things on palm trees :slight_smile:

  1. For me in sanctuary, I will start with whatever animation is best for the particular dino (usually feed), then go interact and miss the anim, and finish with play, where I sometimes see the anim. I don’t really care about interact because its the same anim as if I tapped the dino in the lab.

  2. I will never collect my free 6 hour incubator if my darts or interactions are full. Idk why, but it just seems wrong to take it without getting those 20 darts put to some use.

  3. I must collect all my daily missions at once only when they are all finished.


When fusing I go “big money big money big money big moneyyyyyIIIIEEEE!!!”


So, does it work? :blush:

Dunno. I average around 20ish DNA a fuse.
But I’m a very loud guy so I try not to fuse in public.

I just realised I have another habit.

Supply drops reset at 8am for me. So on my way to work, I will collect all six food and six toys for the day first. Only then can I begin to FIP in the sanctuary.


If it comes from a scent I have to dart it.

I have max Diplocalus DNA and typically ignore them on the map but I still dart them when they come from a scent.


1.- I don’t collect the free 6hr. Incubator if my darts and interactions are full.

2.- I use a scent every night before I go to sleep, if I don’t have a 20 minute one I’ll use two regular ones.

3.- I keep my coins at 1 million and if I need to evolve a dinosaur, the cost can’t bring me under so I grind until I have enough (Damn you Indo $150K to lvl 28 :joy:)

4.- I hit every supply drop from work to home every day (15 minute drive…yes I know it’s not safe, but if I don’t something bad will happen)

  1. I collect all daily missions instantly. Otherwise I might forget and this worries me.
  2. There are certain dinosaurs I hoard from bad memories of having a severe lack of them before. I always dart them if I see them. They include Kaprosuchus, Deinocheirus, Dilophosaurus…
  3. I keep my HC at above 4500.
  4. I never check the game “one last time” before I go to bed. That means I would have to run outside at 3 AM if something good appeared. Used to do this but I ain’t about that life anymore. Lol

Its funny you mention the “one last time” thing, when I was 2 fuses away from unlocking Tryko I seen an Anky spawn down the road late at night and as Anky was once a week spawn, I ran outside in my boxer shorts and no shoes and darted it xD.


I have two critters whose attacks I won’t boost because they hit for nineteen-eighty-foooooooour.
Eventually I will level them up and lose the earworm, but until then I’m not changing it.

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When I see a wild epic Baryonyx, I actually swear at it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: “You could have been a useful spawn!”


Or when you finally find that Rex you needed for that last fuse…but then your heart sinks when you get closer and see its a Raj :frowning:

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