Hacker in Tournament?

Someone messaged me on IG and told me my opponent had to be hacking because this dinosaur has not yet been released. The epic to create this hybrid isnt even available til next month. I think. Can anyone confirm this?

I would email support all the info you have. No one legitimately has that creature yet as the ingredient for it hasn’t been available.

Edit: i stand corrected. you can buy the hybrid incs in the store. They have a small chance to get the new hybrid. So there is a chance they legitimately got it.


Hasn’t this happened before with bots running new stuff before its out?

This was in the tournament, so there shouldn’t be any bots.


Oops missed that part.

Now what are the odds of that?

Less than 1% according to the incubator


Slim to none, but possible

Nice to see it got swap in distraction from dipl g2 but literally no damaging counter makes it suck

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And the null counter?

Ooo this is juicy! How many incubators would they have to buy to get the odds in their favor of actually getting the new dino?!