Hackers are a big issue in this game [Topic Closed by Moderation]


Hackers are a big issue in this game, much more than in Pokemon and draconius, because of their strong dinos and way to fast lvl. It would be great if Legits players could report them easy and quick, so the staff behind could go in and Tjek them very fast.


Some dino are naturally strong and fast. It’s not possible to hack dinos in this game as all the data is kept server side. Just get better dinos and you’ll see.
Again, it is not possible to hack dino information, they are probably just higher level than you.


What indicates a hacker? I did peep the scoreboard and thought the people ahead were sayyyyy to far ahead.


I started playing this about a week ago now, I’m nearly half way into level 9 and have 2600 arena points - i guess it comes down to how much you play really!


Yeah I’d say for the most part it’s unhackable due to being server side. The only way would be through a glitch I.e being able to farming constant DNA but not heard if anything like that. The game seems pretty watertight as far as unfair play is concerned.

Also don’t forget those who buy the one time offers will level up quite quickly.

Lastly if you find high level players in battles that it could well be people who have deliberately lost matches to enter a lower arena and therefore as the matchmaking is based on trophies that you will come across some much higher levelled dino teams.


I have to admit - I’ve bought a couple of those one-time-offers and they’ve sped my progress up hugely.

Once you hit the higher arena ranks it actually becomes increasingly more difficult to win, therefore you’re receiving less incubators (which i use my in game cash to pop open) therefore it significantly slows your progression… so your probably right about those high level players losing on purpose to drop in ranks due to that exact reason.


Don’t agree on hacking dinosaurs’ stats but lvl hacking maybe? Look at the top leaderboard players!
Lvl 20+ legendary, epics and hybrids…isn’t that a lil too fast even for ptw players??
Even if you’d played so much in a week, looking at spawn rates of epics…really??
Just one week? Haha even 24/7 sleepless night doesn’t really have any logic behind it.


Once you actually start ‘gearing’ up yourself with +17-18 rare teams you’ll notice a lot of the legendaries can be countered easily. My team even outclasses certain level 22-24 AI arena teams despite being severely outleveled at times.

Im not going to lie it is kind of suspicious but i actually see certain players put loads of money in such games just to become ‘#1’. As a beta player myself i haven’t even gotten any legendary at all (bought level-up rewards, play at least 2h a day) and im not really close to either. But still that doesn’t take away the fact i can slaughter legendary decks. Most of those p2w arena 6 legendary decks have no clue how to play; they overvalue their level 16 legendaries to the point my level 17 dilo pretty much kills 2 dinos all the time. Best example are indominus decks; just the fact it can cloak (dodge dmg) and do 2x dmg makes it harder; but not impossible.

Just unfortunate ludia nerfed the “remove positive effect” to remove the cloak; or else indominus was rather useless (or in other words; it can be countered, now its all about luck). Find the right counter and outclass any opponent.


If you had enough money, you could just drop crazy cash buying incubators and evolving non-stop… so with enough cash it’s easily achievable.

This is why they should probably offer rewards for distance walked (like hatching eggs in Pogo) to help us regular hunters be able to compete with the trust fund hunters haha


Wait, are people really losing on purpose out there just for that? …And I thought I was running into Smogon players…makes much more sense now that I think about the several people that would just let the clock run out. Though I lost to one person who did that and they whipped out their Velociraptor and murdered my team.


Yup, i’d say they are - especially given there are some Arena Exclusive Dino’s, so if they’re trying to farm those they will just want to stay in that particular rank to maximise their chances of targeting that specific Dino


Omg those players should be punished (lack for better term) somehow. Like if a player is intentionally doing that, “ban” them from battles for a while.


Nah it’s a flaw in the game design in my opinion - the design encourages this kind of behavior for those targeting certain Dino’s


Yeah, guess that’s true. I’m sure they’ll fix it down the line. After all, compared to Pokemon Go, this game had a perfectly strong start.


Well given how good JWA is, despite having so much room to improve, i have high hopes for the longevity of it! It will all come down to whether the developers continue to tweak, improve and introduce new ideas to the game.


I hope they do! I dunno how the connectivity in battle works, but it seems like there’s people in my area for once! Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and start to really collect (provided the weather’s decent with summer coming up).


If they want to keep making bank off of the game, they’ll have to! I live in NZ, so when i’m playing i’m usually vs’ing bots due to the timezone difference… coz it doesn’t seem like many other people in NZ play JWA… and to top it off, we’ve just hit winter >.<


Im not sure they are hackers some ppl are talking about robots createt to give a gameplay … would like ludia too confirm this becorse the top 50 is RUDE ! :scream: im lvl 8,50 and i have played like a kid in a candy store with 100 buks on there pocket ! Dart everything but there is a but ! COINS !!! How in the T-rex are we surpose to collect enorf coins too make legendaries or uniqe ??? :dizzy_face: the evolve Price is insane ! 8000 coins already below lvl 15 a lvl 20 legend ? Price ? :thinking: im thinking :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::sob:

I took a 1 time offer i could not resist and VIP becorse of the velcome vagon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: THAT was sweet ! :+1:t2: Got poryraptor :grin:

I have lost 4 maby 6 matches :thinking: im litterly cutting throuh the arenas im in the waislands now but not for long …

I did nor hack or cheat i just played like a crazy person… i have now a full team of epic if wantet mostly becorse i Hunt dna every chance i get … even did a bit of “ tresspassing” to get a epic but told support about this and offcorse cords will be given if theres a dino spawning there again …and we wont go in there now with the VIP :+1:t2:

I did get my behind kicked 2 times i 2 arena odly enorf but it must have been a delevel player :thinking: dont mind just back on the horse and try again .


Yes, that’s what everyone is saying. Spend 5$ and you’ve got it easy, especially the folks that don’t have jobs and/or anykind of life.
The game is very much easy if you dedicate a few dollars and a lot of time to. Also what is with the emojis? That was kind of uneeded and looked kind of ridiculous


Get use to them. I always use :thinking::joy::scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dizzy_face::roll_eyes: