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Hackers are ruining this game


in my last pvp battle was an absolute joke.

what happened:

  • i was frozen unable to select dinosaur until time ran out
  • in battle all options blank, could not choose move nor switch dinosaur

to say it was frustrating is a mild understatement.

after investing time and money only to have online cheaters and glitches leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me not want to play nor endorse anything Ludia have involvement with.!


my match froze for a good 5 minutes and i had an error code, !


after force closing app, restarted app somehow was mid match for another 2 minutes only to be greated by

Screenshot_20180607-112518_JW%20AliveScreenshot_20180607-112518_JW Alive.jpg720x1480 317 KB
go figure


there are official bots in the game so even if you froze the battle may have been still going on this would make your actions looks as if you are afk while to battle is still going time out so the bot will still be attacking as the system picks your basic attack this can still be happening while you are frozen or trying to restart the game