Hackers on YouTube

Ludia had put out a statement saying they will suspend the accounts of those who will hack but there are even hackers on YouTube who have been there for years


I don’t think they will do something about it, it was even discussed in other threads that its just free advertisement or so, even gamingbeaver has mentioned this in his videos because they did say that they will take down hackers. But if you think from a marketing stand point, those youtubers are gonna showcase the creature which in turn is gonna rope in many people to play the game.


Ngl, i think it was just a scare tactic, i have NEVER seen any proof of a banned account, only hackers being scared and getting their parks reset or whatever ludia did. But i have never seen/heard a hacker show their account being banned after the fact.

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I’ve seen one of them lose his account over it, not allowed to say who because of the name and shame rules but he is pretty well known.

The free advertisement comes at a cost though, these youtubers that are hacking are showcasing their unlimited amount of resources and creatures, with the current way of the world in wanting everything here and now and how tech savvy the younger generation is its just gonna advocate more exploit and hacking which I’m sure is not what ludia wants.

They’re probably doing something about it just taking there time.


As Aether_12 has stated, in-game banning do happen and quite regularly I might add.


Which Youtubers Are Hacked Can You Tell The YouTube Channel

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Name shaming is bad, so I won’t. But there are a few that you can find by searching jwtg on yt.


Just type something like indoraptor lvl 40 or something they will come up for sure

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