Hackers or Ludia or BOTH

There are 2 theories running through my Alliance Discord right now:

  1. Ludia uses RNG to lean battles one way or the other depending on win/loss streaks, trophy counts, newness of dino, etc.

  2. The arena is awash with hackers.

Does anyone else feel there is validity in either of these theories? Nothing worse than losing to someone who wins 100% of RNG decisions and gets constant crits with low-crit Dino’s.

RNG can’t produce streaks like this as commonly as they occur without one of these two theories having some validity. Right? Wrong?

End rant.


i thought about that at about 2018 to 2019, but community and top players checked everything, created even a datasheet for random numbers analysis, analyzed code, they even created simulators…

and no, there’s no hack or ludia hand, it’s just random.

i don’t like too much rng involved in a turn-based strategy game, but that’s what we have. :man_shrugging:


Am sure :100: They are many hackers on this game now. They are phishing also from discord


Point 2. For long time.

1 mainly

2 rarely (pink screen when you are 2-0 up to return to the game losing 2-3 that somehow never happens when you are 0-2 down, crit from opponent every single turn this could be 1 though)

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  1. is hard to say because it’s…rng though sometimes it does feel like you pull the absolute worst combo of four for a handful of battles and then it suddenly turns around.

  2. I want to say no, but sometimes I swear something is going on when you can be winning a battle and the game will suddenly crash or you’ll lose connection out of the blue (even if the connection is stable) resulting in you losing. It’s happened to me more often than not to make me side eyes it whenever I run into it because it’s a little too convenient for the other player.


Both, yeah.

  1. Within our alliance Discord, we’ve always supported the theory about a hidden algorithm that gives you loss streaks. Regardless this algorithm exists or not, loss streaks are real and follow a regular cycle. When it happens to 50 people in the same alliance, it’s hard to believe that is RNG based. It may be RNG factors (flawed matchmaking, RNG team selection, scarce number of actual players, use of suboptimal team compared to current meta, RNG resistances and dodge system, RNG crit ratios, etc) that combined result in a not RNG at all effect (win/loss streaks). So regardless there is no code for having a loss streak, there’s a lot of code that leads to it.

  2. There’s a well documented hack that allows a player to achieve critical hits 100% of the hits. I have suffered this several times. Several members of my alliance have suffered this from the same player in the arena multiple times. Several of us have reported this player. But still have found him playing and abusing the hack after multiple reports. So…


This analysis may be flawed from the start. Top players run optimal teams. Optimal teams minimise RNG effects, because they’re playing top creatures vs top creatures or top creatures vs inferior creatures. In the first case, RNG will equalise in the long run. In the second case, your top creatures are mostly winning versus inferior creatures. RNG and streak losses have the highest impact when you play suboptimal teams (meaning when not all your 8 team creatures are the top meta creatures of the moment). A very large proportion of the playerbase (+90%) are playing with suboptimal teams and cannot escape from the “not so RNG” loss streaks that I explained in my previous post.

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i wonder how and why someone would be able to make this and not be in top ranking.

pink screen is easy trophies from this “exploit/hack” perspective :man_shrugging:

Start actually tracking what you see ALL THE TIME. Put the data in a spreadsheet. I bet over the long run your numbers show up as expected.


I don’t tend to buy into conspiracy theories, but I do find that occasionally I will have a loss streak of about 300 trophies, and it’ll always come with a lot of battle timeouts (like 2/3 of battles I attempt will time out without ever getting to the AI button when normally I rarely have issues). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s some matchmaking tweak going on during those periods (like maybe the game matching me to a different opponent range) and the game is having a harder time matching me to opponents, hence the timeouts.

Funny enough, our loss streaks usually drop us around 300 trophies before the streak ends (talking from a bunch of our alliance members’ experience). I do experience the timeouts not linked to loss streaks, but I may experiece them as well during one of those loss streaks.

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300 is the magic number in my alliance as well.


Bruh, there is no way ludia skews battles in favor of others they just got unlucky kek

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ludia is hacking their own game??? no way!

I sometimes think #1 has to be happening, but then I realize - if they were that good at coding the game wouldn’t be as glitchy, buggy, and awful as it is… and I think that’s more to the point. It’s not that they’re so sophisticated to program in such things, it’s that they’re NOT and that’s why things are the way they are


Give me one reason why Ludia would implement false RNG.


Increase frustration and compulsive spending.


What pink screen are you all talking about?

You enter a battle, start winning then a pink screen appears and you are thrown back to the map. If you restart the app, you will get back to your battle where the opponent has already taken 1 or 2 of your creatures, probably depending on the speed at which your phone starts the app.