Hackers or spoofer


I have seen a lot of ppl say ban the spoofers but never worry about the hackers?
1 spoofing don’t add any software to the game so there for can not be held responsible for any damage to the game
1 hacking a game must add some kind of software
2 software brings bug bugs brings problems to agame
3 if a hacker can add software then any card payments or not 100% safe
4 to get rid of hacking software costs money so ppl paying sees the price of stuff go up
See a pattern yet ppl are crying over spoofing yet no one is calling out for the game to get rid of the hackers 1st then then start with the spoofing I saw a screen shot of some one saying I’m in a wheelchair and I don’t spoof bla bla bla but had millions of coins and millions of game cash he is the guy u got to worry about braking the game not the guy/women/kid who is useing a gps with a 99cent app


To “hack” the game you only need to download an app. Those people are not real hackers.


I’m pretty sure no one said give hacking a pass.
Not sure what you are going on about.


Because in about 90%of the posts ppl only ever say ban the spoofers but no one ever says ban hackers would it not make sense to ban coin and cash an dna hackers then work on baning the spoofer


True, they’re just the muppets who trust hackers not to steal their data or break their stuff when they install an app from an unknown source.

I really hope Ludia actually do manage to clamp down on the ‘cheaters’ but games such as these are very difficult to sucessfully protect from spoofing/free coin hack sites, etc. Where there are ridiculously priced IAPs there will always be people finding and making exploits to counter this out-of-control form of capitalism. I don’t agree with excessive IAPs (such as in JWA) almost as much as I don’t agree with people cheating on a public game where it affects other players. Both are unethical.


Nobody talk about it because it’s obvious. And trust me if someone would be able to earn more currencies than he should it’s on top priority for them (money related problem).
Don’t be fouled by the fake you see around here.


I think the people that are shouting Ban Spoofers are for banning all forms of Cheating.

There just happen to be a lot of Spoofer themed threads whether it’s people trying to justify or defend spoofing or trying to get it integrated into the game.

Spoofing was the easier cheat to detect, identify, and eliminate.

Coin hacks are harder, you have to go through each account and see if there are purchase records for the coins that are showing up in the quantities they possess.

Banning people willy nilly is bad form, without adequate proof.


Its ok to ban spoofers if it would make a difference to the game but I honestly don’t think it will hackers on the other hand is a different story.im a f2p and honestly I’m not worried about the guy beside me zooming all over for dna I’m more worried about the guy behind me hacking the game.


I dont see the problem at using a spoofing software, i mean, lets say the person using it is handicapped, and having a hard to moving around, and has the love for games, like pokemon or JWA, that person is pretty much stuck in their place, wouldnt it be fair for them to get some more enjoyment out of a game?
Hacking on the other hand should be instant ban. I also play StarWars Galaxy of heroes and this game has a build in algorithm or whatever, which detects any increase in currency outside of buying it, they would simply jusy ban anyone getting more credits without using any money, cause the game never registered you using money. This is the real problem, not spoofing, and JWA is loaded with hackers, just do a search on youtube.


spoofing probably wont be stopped but hacking i believe can be stopped. ie: bossland hacks are shut down currently for pogo but spoofing still exists.


I know 100% ppl still spoof pogo I talk to a lot of ppl in my local park who play pogo and spoof I did post the 4 main rulers thay use :joy: but like I said if it’s going to make a difference to game then yep ban them or reset but it want make one bit of difference ppl have just got to look at pogo to tell you that


spoofing gyms… sure, but with no way to get into the api, coords will have to be self reported. stop the hacks and spoofing would be alot harder. so i say good on them for resetting accounts, i think if anything, it will frustrate them.