There are too many hackers in the game, they make it blocked until the bataya ends. It is already very annoying that, I hope that LUMIA does something about it soon because otherwise the game will lose it’s magic.


I think its a bug. If you restart your game you will re-enter the battle normal. I have won battles like this, so its not necessarily a loss.


Its bug not hackers :slight_smile: hahaha

And its Ludia not Lumia


I have played against the same hacker or BOT (23 times)for the last 10hrs. The person has no name, The dead giveaway its a hacker or bot are -->LVL 1 pets, 1 hit kills & damage proof pets. I and my fellow WoW GM’s have delt with ppl using “BOT” Software on Blizzard-Activision online games.