Had a weird morning

Went out darting around 10am this morning. Ended up catching 2 Kapros, 2 veloci and a brachi.

Unless there has been a migration or something, im pretty sure these are all night only spawns?

I guess they could have all been nests, but the odds on that seem pretty high…

Most likely… Like you said in your post, those have a high probability of being nests… I’ve come across multiple brachiosaurus in the months summary… But are those the only dinos you saw? If there were other dinos in their normal spawns, than that was a lucky catch…

No, I saw other dinos as well, was just weird seeing so many night only spawns. I wasn’t using a scent or anything.

Were you at a park? I’ve found so many nests at parks for nighttime, for daytime dinos its night for the parks