Had to beat 4 dinosaurs and got a 15 min incubator


So I was using my kentrosaurus. Someone tried to impact and run but he has the retaliation bite. Well the bite killed my opponent, got the 3rd win but the battle continued. So I had to beat his 4th dino which I did and all I got for my trouble was a 15 min incubator. What a jip


The incubators dont have anything to do with the match and how it went. They are predetermined, something like this 3 h, 3 h, 15 m, 3 h, 8 h. And repeat.
About the battle, maybe the 3rd dino did hit and switch?


But it awarded me the third stamp. So it swiched in death…i know the incubators are pre determinded but I feel like I deserved more for my 4 wins


Lol i know, it would be sweet if you get at least an 8 hr incu