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Had to happen sooner or later

Came across my first tier 8 damage DC tonight. 4330 swap in damage.

They still lost. :kissing_heart: Nice try though.


simple maths

I’m glad you beat it lol you have the dinos at a lvl to do so. I bet this player just can’t wait to give the rat all maxxed boosts now xd t8 is not enough they now want all maxxed.


Personally I wouldnt waste attack boosts on DracoRat. The amount of damage increase is not worth it.

I spent my tier 8 attack on my Magna seeing that it can only get stronger in 1.9.

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Seems a waste of boosts

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I did’nt remember to meet you tuco…
Did he got 143 speed?

I was wondering how many were going to take the step to T8. LOL
I’m going to stick to my self imposed T7 cap for now to try and increase the number of viable dinos I can field. So far I haven’t went up against enough T8 opponents to make it a necessary step.

i did for my favorites dino,but im trying to reach the 150 speed dracoceratops,so minimal speed up strike outrun even the speedsters

Erlidom and Magna will way outspeed it even when it’s 150 without wasting so much on boosts. Erlidom will take it out before you can speed it up, and Magna will distract it.
Pointless using 256 boosts to get the rat up to 150 speed, especially with 1.9 round the corner.

oftenly,i take out erlidom easily because of course they are not over lvl 27 with 155 speed.
so it won’t one shoot my rat and if i speed up strike,i outrun him with ease.
forcing him to show HIS rat or else to loose erlidom.
In case of magna,of course,you won’t kill him.but you can rampage,heal (don’t forget you have over 5300health so its easy)and swap out to your injured creature which will probably die and then come back with your rat to finish the job.
the Biggest threat is utarinex,his distraction + instant stun are enought to kill him
Don’t forget with speed up your rat earn 143+14 speed,so 157
with 150 speed?150 +15= 165 speed

That play style is repulsive and honestly quite cowardly

It’s sad this is basically what the upper arenas are


yup,i hate boosts but fact is either you abuse them and you win either you don’t and you loose arenas
blame ludia,not me

Nah. I also blame Neymar, and not football.

Similarly, I fought a team whose only boosted dino was DC. I wiped him out with Yoshi and curbstomped the rest.

Yoshi sure is strong but how do you kill him in one turn?

How do you kill Thor in one turn?

you don’t,you do it in 2 turn,because you are faster

I faced a 168 speed, 2300 attack diplotator yesterday. Admittedly it feels like a colossal waste of boosts was a monster

Nah. I also Blame Djokovic, and not tennis.

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And I totally blame Steve Smith, and not cricket!!!

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