Had to hard reset, lost everything


I recently had to hard reset the game by deleting the app then reinstalling. Once I had logged back in through Facebook I had lost all progress all the way back to the turorial. I don’t know if the support key has changed as I don’t remember what it was before the issue. Any was I can recover the progress I lost?


Got the same problem only support can help ya…but they takes a lot of time to talk with u


Will they reply to this post or is there an email to message them on? I can’t find an email anywhere on the site.



Also, they need your support key.


I give they all support keys…but never reply me…
Sound like a joke this support


Hey Ryan_Fogerty, I’m sorry to hear that happened. Try verifying that your game is still connected to your Facebook account by going into the Settings menu. If you were using an Android device, it’s also possible that you were connected to your Google Play store account instead, try reconnecting back to Google Play if that is the case. If the issue persists, provide our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your new support key, if you do not have your old support key, and the gamertag from your previous game and they might be able to find you in their system.