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Hadros Lux 2.2 much harder

So how to take down this beast? Now when Thora has delay of 1 to group strike, it is close to impossible to wipe out the minions on turn 1. Round 2-3-4 should be easier if everyone saves the key moves on beginning of the round(Tuoramoloch - Group speedup, Tryostronix - Ready to Crush, Thora - Group Shattering Rampage, Ardentismaxima - Group Decelarating Rampage). But how to get past round 1?

Part of the fun is figuring out new ways to defeat it. Otherwise it just gets boring. :slight_smile:

Hint: Use Entelomoth for round 1 group shattering impact, then Thor for round 2.


Three high damage Phoru and a Tuoramoloch faster than all three Phoru can eliminate minions in turn one. Not an easy team to come up with though.

Sub in Mortem for Thor

If you have been consistent with Mortem some in your alliance should have or are close to unlocking

As long as the Entelodon minion is down in Turn 1 before it attacks you’ll be fine regardless of what you use.

It’ll be annoying if Entelodon decides to use Group Takedown, but can’t really do anything about that other than make sure everyone’s got a lot of health and Maxima or Diorajasaur taunts in Turn 2 to draw the Gorgosaurus away in case it survives.

Anyone think of Carnotaurkus? It has ID for gorgo, group decel rampage, long protection, and greater rending counter attack

Any boosts on the kera?

My crown… DARN Hadros lux for taking my raid crown

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Well its only harder due to Thor’s raid nerf. However, I do think Carnotaurkus could be viable for the Hadros Lux now.

We did it with tuoramoloch, tryostronix, Thor and maxima.

On turn 1 of round 1:

  • tuoramoloch: group acceleration
  • tryostronix: defense shattering strike to remove taunt from the boss
  • maxima: group decelerating rampage
  • Thor: fierce impact

The Entelodon minion is killed before she can hit.

I got a random invite yesterday to hadros and i just winged it but we won. Mind u that thor crit on every rampage and did over 10 000 damage. So the minions were distracted 1st turn and thor took em out 2nd.Screenshot_20201020-175627_JW Alive

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