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Hadros Lux Fixes (Poll)

  • No Changes
  • Something else (write below)
  • Reduce Stats
  • Nerf Counter Attack
  • Change Resilient Rampage to Resilient Impact
  • Remove Resistances (Speed Decrease, Stun, Distraction, Vulnerability)

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Where is the “no change” option? Why is this not a poll for all options, it’s a very leading poll.


There should also be at least an “other” option too


ok I will add that

@Mudkipz fixed it

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Similar to change resilient rampage to resilient impact, but I would change Rampage to a weaker (maybe non-damaging) move

Y’all It’s an apex, ofc it’s gonna be strong.


it and ceramagnus need a minor nerf even for an apex. Gorgotrebax and refrenantom are apexes and are balanced, m rex is still ok, but ceramag and hadros lux are too overpowered


A good change is to nerf the heal make it 1.5X
Like what they did to grypo.
Dont care about the dmg because it can’t go through armour and shield but the heal needs a nerf.

or they can give maybe
Hadros Lux: 1550 attack, 5400 health, 108 speed, 0% Armor, 5% Crit
Resilient Strike
Resilient Impact
Emergency Heal (1.5x Heal)
Resilient Rampage
Medium Resilient Counter

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must have a lot of fierces on your team, for me I only have mortem rex. Also hadros lux can continuosly 3k damage with a rampage at base level and the boss can be defeated with a lvl 10 irritator

Like the other Apex creatures, it’s fine as is. It’s meant to be big and tough. Although it can be frustrating to see these big creatures in the lower Arenas, they are fine for the appropriate levels of PVP.


gorgo and refrenantom and m rex are fine as it is. Plus it costs only time to max out hadros lux, it takes time, effort, money(in some cases) and coins in game to max out a unique for example tenontorex and spinoconstrictor. In that case why is hadros lux so much better than them

@Colin_Goodman even if apexes raids were once a month, you could max out hadros before you would max out spinoconstrictor and the strength differential is too large between them. Hadros should loose a rampage, and be given a weaker heal.

That may well be the case but Apex are designed with a higher level in mind which is why nerfing them when they are perfectly fine for that point in the Arena seems unnecessary. All that does is makes them not worthwhile at the point where they are supposed to be used. I would favour Apex creatures having a minimum Arena cap (say Aviary) before they can be used rather than nerfing them.


that’s a good idea

So no need to nerf them but have a cap for apexes under aviary

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Yeah. That would be the best way to handle them I think.

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Uhhm avairy is pretty much where they get in use already, so ur doing basicly nothing with that

And as someone who got 3/4 original apexes in avairy, i can tell u they should not be used down there

They stand out of teams like, u know, a 1.5k dmg swap in next to a 21 orion. They carried me to library and are just ridicilus

Theres a clear diffrence between the legendary and unique rarity, but theres a HUGE jump from uniques to apexes

Now lets keep this to hadros

It was my first apex, and unboosted, instanly the strongest thing on my team

Obviosly it was higher lvl but still, it wrecked teams, and it’s only clear counters are heavy armour resilients. It shouldn’t be so casualy out healing and out damaging fierce

Also theres a clear diffrence between being strong, and halfway game breaking with no truely defining counters (or extreamly few ones), and being seen on basicly eevey team

Also they could legit nerf hadros’s dmg by 1 and it would be considerd a nerf, idk why every time i see an argument on nerfs people defending the creature act like the people who want a nerf want the creature straight up killed. I just wanna bring it in line so it’s counterable not effectivly kill it